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I want to start back to church but...

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  • I want to start back to church but...

    Friends, just wanted to share my story:

    I have been living in the vicinity of a major urban area for a few years. I really hate it and long to move to a more rual area where people are more friendly, but for now the job prospects keep me near this urban ses-pit.

    Its been 5 years now since ive been to a church and everyday i remind myself i need to find a church here. For a while, i was going to a local Babtist church, but just lost interest because all i got from them was "donantion envelopes" in the mail.

    Im not giving up though. Ive made up my mind to look for a smaller church in a small town north of here, even if it means driving the extra distance. I guess im just not the urban type that sees going to church as a "chore" to be done along with cleaning house or doing the laundry.

    Another task ive set for myself is to actually READ the bible and "disect" it much like i have learned to do other books. I think its important to "learn how to learn".

    Im ashamed to say that of all the books ive now read, the bible is as of yet not completely read. Yes, ive read bits and versus, but never have i read entire books of the Bible. Thats gonna change...real soon.

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    Keep looking for a bible beleiving church. There are many great ones out there. Just remember, all of them will have people attending and people are not perfect. Keep your eyes on Jesus, he'll never let you down like people will.
    Definitely dig into the word and pray for guidance and understanding. God will answer your prayer. If you come across something yu don't understand, make a note of it and ask someone. Always double check their answers to make sure it lines up with the word, not just someone's opinion.

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      Keep looking the Lord will lead you to the perfect church for you.

      Id recommend starting with Colossians then moving on to Romans in your bible study.
      These two books will get you well on your way to understanding what it means to be a Christian and to walk with Christ.

      I am adding you to my prayer list Brother.


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        Thanks for recommending Romans and Colossians. I revisited them with different eyes and was really inspired. I just finished MERE CHRISTIANITY by C.S. Lewis. He did such a wonderful job of explaining the principles that can unit all Christians( as the earliest Christians were).

        May God Bless


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          You are always welcome to join the Catholic Church.

          I know how it can be going to church in a city. Depending upon the neighborhood, it may just seem that people go to church only as a social function. Kind of a "Look everybody, I'm a good person, I go to CHURCH!" Also, in my experience, the more "suburbian" a church was, the more irreverant it was. Too many bawling kids, yapping people, people in crappy clothes or with a minimum of clothes, etc. etc. This seems the same no matter what denomination of church I've been to as well. If I go to church in the city, I like to pick an old one or a cathedral if there is one in whatever city I'm at. These seem to have the proper atmosphere as contrasted to brand new churches build in the newer architectural style.

          Again, you are welcome to join the Church. You probably aren't looking for a Catholic church but just remember the offer is always open should you decide otherwise.

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            " In matters of faith, unity. In matters of opinion, liberty. In all things, charity."

            This quote has been attributed to Augusteen as well as others whoever said it made a lot of sense. I don't know of your Church history but I would imagine you have some type of background. Get back to worship somewhere. Use sunday evenings and weekday evening bible studies to look for other church homes. Find a congregation that places unwavering loyalty to Gods word not to the opinions of men. Study for yourself and ask questions. Always compare the answers to the word and not just to the passage in question. Above all else develope a relationship with Christ and remeber he came to serve and save mankind not to recieve glory. Those who "serve Christ" and heap glory and rewards on themselves don't seem to fit the mold.


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              Any luck? I'm looking too. Finding biblical radio instruction, praying, and Bible reading is a start. But, I've had a church home, and really miss it.

              Remember, Satan will make sure you never find a perfect church. So, if that's the criteria, it will never be met. Non-biblical teaching is no good, but a few extra donation pleas ae going to be found at almost any church. There are still pastors who say the tithe is still a requirement, and have people still living under the law by that teaching. However, we need to ensure the bar ins't set so high as to be an excuse not to change. God's word will guide us to His will.

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                Eastwood, can you say where in TX you are? I might be able to refer you to a specific Bible-believing church if I knew where to look.

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