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Nikki Haley- social media users: "verified by their name" for "national security"

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  • Nikki Haley- social media users: "verified by their name" for "national security"

    The Authoritarian Left in this country has been wanting this for a number of years. Free Speech registration is right up there with gun registration. Republican Candidate Nikki Haley thinks we will all be more civil and less critical on social media if she can send an armed squad of federal goons to your address or mine if our posts and comments don't line up with her agenda.

    I guess she thinks that in order to practice journalism it will be necessary to obtain a license too. She acknowledges that her plan will have an immediate chilling effect on on-line Free Speech and Political Discourse.

    Our two tiered Justice System will do nothing against Biden Family Corruption or invading Illegal Aliens because it's hands are tied. So instead they go after Trump Supporters. Nikki Haley sided with the Swamp to say that the 2020 wasn't rigged. The justice Department is now going after people who never entered the Capitol Building but were attending the "permitted" rallies. If you have to ID on-line then how long before you have to ID to attend a peaceful rally?

    Reclaim The Net

    NEW: Nikki Haley says if she's made president, every social media user will be "verified by their name" for "national security" purposes. Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1724528005773459533%7Ctwgr% 5E9233940caebe65a085f4203beb1023cfa85a1de4%7Ctwcon %5Es1_&

    Twitter video ( 37 sec ) :