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Iran proxy Hamas' war on Israel

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  • Iran proxy Hamas' war on Israel

    Biden's gift of $6 Billion paid for this!

    The savagery of the Islamic combatants is nothing short of animalistic. IDF personnel, civilians ( families, elderly, men, women, children, infants ) are being seized as captives and hostages. It was reported that an infant was grabbed from it's family. These people and the dead victims are then paraded on the backs of trucks through Palestinian neighborhoods.

    Some of the Israeli Government ( their John Kerry's )are making the media rounds to talk this up as terrorism. This is an all fronts conflict. The Islamics are attacking and violating anyone who breathes.

    Twitter Video same woman ( Graphic Warning ) ( 1min 12sec ) :

    Another woman captive. Twitter Video ( Graphic Warning ) ( 19sec ) :

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    This is a little too convenient for Russia.

    Hamas visited the Kremlin recently. Iran backs Hamas. Iran and Russia.


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      I just watched an interview on FOX News. Admiral Kirby, the acting civilian spokesperson for the Biden Administration; the Biden Administration can't confirm at this time that any Americans are being held or killed by those savages! Yesterday, Kirby was being interviewed on FOX News. He said at that time while being interviewed about the hostilities in Israel that CLIMATE CHANGE was our nation's number one threat.


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        Rt is predicting Israel will take over Gaza.

        Mikhail Khodarenok: Israel’s war on Hamas could lead to the end of the Gaza exclave



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          From everything I'm reading, the Gaza Strip will cease to be anything but a map notation.


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            Looks like a false flag operation hit the hospital. Perfect timing to deter Biden's peace talks.


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              41% of Jews live in Israel and 41% of Jews live in the US, opined during a FOX News segment. These pro Palestinian Demonstrations here are shocking when looked at by the numbers of radicals who are getting behind it. The violence and murders like the Michigan synagogue president who was stabbed to death outside of her home point to another possibility. Along with militant Islamicists playing up the Enemy Domestic, that is that ANTIFA and other Marxist groups copycat Hamas. Last election cycle, it was the Summer of Violence. This election cycle, we could see the conflict between Israel and radical Islam played out by proxies in this country.

              Did anyone catch the two squad members, Tahlib and Omar? They were calling out Biden during their open air remarks to Palestinian/Hamas supporters. If the DNC can't control it's own loose cannons then they risk a radical insurgency taking over the progressive DNC the same way that Progressives overtook the Democrat Party; only not as nice. It's a huge red flag that could fracture into even more radical and irrational elements.

              Here's a riddle. How easy or how difficult would it be for the crop of radicalized youth in this country to be activated by an Islamic theocracy that leans heavily toward an "Iranian" revolutionary solution? I'll bet the Iranians are emboldened and eager to find out.
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