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    The Black Communist who replaced the White Communist wants a judge to suspend "his" Sanctuary Law because it's too hard to do when hoards of Brown People show up expecting Sanctuary. He says that Washington isn't giving him enough of other people's money to throw at this particular problem. Those Brown People who have been here a couple of years are saying they want Reparations too!

    Where are the Leaders and Problem solvers in Mayor Adams' Administration ( ) ? A hundred years ago, tens of thousands of Real Immigrants would have entered New York City by way of Ellis Island. Back then, the Big Apple was a major metropolis led by men of proven ability and ambition. It boasted industry and international trade. The city was still a major seaport then. The city had factories. From Wall Street, if you needed confidence in the economy, all you needed to do was look out of your window.

    Mayor Adams when you get right down to it is not so different from failed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Both played the Race Card. New York City has the UN and Wall Street. Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange doesn't actually have to be in NY. It could relocate anywhere. The UN might as well relocate to Kiev! Broadway has become just another brand name. Mayor Adams isn't world class. He's just low class like all the other big city mayors of failed and failing Democrat run welfare and vote harvesting plantations. The NYC Mayors of old would have found ways to utilize these people to strengthen the economy or make their city, state, and country a better and more prosperous place to live. Adams on the other hand will need to see how his plantation can support another 40,000 for now and then the flood of poor and illiterate that will follow.

    Eric Adams Asks Court to Suspend New York City’s ‘Right to Shelter’ Rule amid Migrant Crisis

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    The immigrants flooding Ellis Island in the 1930s and 40s were seeking freedom and opportunity, not freebies. They were willing, even eager, to adopt American ways the English language. They pretty much assimilated, although there were areas of NYC that were largely specific ethnic groups. Back then, every immigrant was screened for disease and if necessary isolated before being allowed to enter the country. Unfortunately, when 10s of thousands are arriving every day those measures just don't work.

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