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Finally, Transamerica came through.

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  • Papadoc
    Glad to hear you were able to get the payout plus a little extra. Also good to hear you can finally move forward. And noted, do no business with Transamerica.

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  • jefferson101
    started a topic Finally, Transamerica came through.

    Finally, Transamerica came through.

    After three months of being unable to contact them, I finally managed to get the information and forms necessary to file a claim.

    Another five weeks on, they finally paid out the claim. I got a check in the mail today.

    I was expecting the face amount of the Policy, but apparently there were a bunch of accrued Dividends or whatever, and the payout wound up being like 60% over the face amount of the policy, which made my kids' day. I wrote each of them a check for half the extra amount and gave them their money tonight. Their mother paid a Dividend. The wife and I had a fairly serious Emergency Fund stashed. I burned through about 75% of that over the last year, between medical and Funeral expenses, but the Insurance face amount basically replaced all that. They get a small inheritance from their Mother out of it.

    Now I have to go fine a Headstone for the graves, and the whole thing is finally done.

    But just nothing it, Transamerica still sucks goats. Don't do business with them if you can avoid it.