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Meanwhile in Idaho - Dog gets stuck in tree

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  • Meanwhile in Idaho - Dog gets stuck in tree

    Oh,' the humiliation!

    The Fire Dept. had to rescue a dog from a tree.

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    Read about that on SIGForum. That dog really got up there!

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      My first dog tried something similar. We used to hang out in the back yard where two fences met. Just talk whatever. The people in the back had a cat that liked to tease my dog. It would lay about two feet from the end of his chain and stare at him twitching its tail. Toby took great offense to that.
      We're back there one day and the cat is doing it's thing. Suddenly we here this loud MEOYOOOW!
      There was about a four inch gap between the two fences. The cat runs through the gap with the dog right behind him. Toby never stopped. He scraped through the gap and was gaining on the cat. It ran down a rock wall leapt on a tree and started climbing. Toby made it about ten feet up before falling down. That was long before cell phones but it would have made a great video.