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Mysterious antennas are appearing in Utahs Hills

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  • Mysterious antennas are appearing in Utahs Hills

    Mysterious Antennas Are Appearing in Utah's Hills and Officials Are Stumped

    City officials have found around a dozen of the antennas and no one is sure what they're for.
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    By Matthew Gault
    January 6, 2023, 11:59am


    # "Strange antennas have appeared in the foothills around Salt Lake City and authorities have no idea what they are or who put them up."

    # "They’re simple machines made up of a LoRa fiberglass antenna, a locked battery pack, and a solar panel to power it. The Salt Lake City public lands department has been pulling them down as they find them, and told KSLTV that there have been as many as a dozen."

    # "no identifying marks on the antennas and that they’d been bolted into the stone and required special tools to remove."

    # "the highest elevation one of the antennas had been found at is the top of Mount Wire, which is more than 7,000 feet. He said the trip out the mountain would take about an hour, but it would be a hard hike.

    “One person could do it,” he said. “But it would take two trips unless they’re really strong. The three main components are a suitcase sized…plastic, weatherproof case for their electric equipment for the battery and router. It was about 50 or 60 pounds. And then there’s two antennas, four to six feet, and the solar panel which is about three by four feet. It would be a pretty tough thing to do by yourself.”

    The router made Fonarow initially think the thing was a cell phone booster, he said. Another leading theory online is that the antennas are part of a cryptocurrency mining operation."

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    It shouldn't be hard to determine if they receive, transmit, or both. And on what frequency.


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      Geo-location devices measuring if the mountain ranges are getting further or nearer, rising or sinking.


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        Not sure it's wise to just remove them without attempting first to determine who put them there and why. Could be a science project of a locat school.

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          Interesting. Salt Lake City is in Salt Lake County. You would think that if it was another government entity they would have spoken to the right people about what was going on. I think it's weird that phone calls aren't being made.


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