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Joe Biden's Thanksgiving Message

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  • Joe Biden's Thanksgiving Message

    “I’m Going to Try and Get Rid of Assault Weapons”

    “The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick.”

    Joe and his family will be celebrating in a billionaire's house in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Their feast will want for nothing. Meanwhile a 1/4 of Americans can't afford Thanksgiving this year.

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    I hope he chokes.

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      Firearms many of us have owned for decades. He's not getting rid of anything. Our polite friends up north are going to get a chance to give Justin Castro the finger. They are facing the same situation with handgun ownership.


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        They now define " assault weapon " as any self loading (semi-auto) firearm.
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          The Democrats could pass a law right now to criminalize and seize all semi-auto firearms while they still hold both houses of Congress. But they won't. The American people as a whole ignoring the law and daring the regime and any sychophant jackboot to just try and enforce it would spell the end of Biden's supposed legitimacy. It would call the elections into question. The DNC and RINOS who voted for it would be exposed naked for passing a legislation that is opposed by a demonstrable and actively resisting American majority; in short, an act of tyranny.