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Prepping, with flavor.

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  • Prepping, with flavor.

    It occurred to me a few months ago that I've got a serious amount of reserve food, but most of it is fairly bland, at best.

    Hey, good on you if you have a half-dozen barrels of rice, beans, and wheat-berries. You are thinking ahead. The thought I had, long before that many barrels, was "How sick are you going to get of this stuff with nothing else"?

    Whatever, I started expanding my collection. Buy pound containers of garlic powder, onion powder, and suchlike spices. Canned meats are good for a couple of years, and if you buy what you will use anyway and rotate your stock.?

    Hot sauces, cream soups, and such stuff are good for several years. Tomato acids are hard on cans, so don't plan to get more than a couple years out of them, but if you use them regularly, stock up and rotate them. First in, first out.

    Soy sauce, Teriyaki, package gravy mixes? And on and on. Let your preferences be your guide, and make sure that you don't get quite so bored with your cuisine when the SHTF.

    Just noting it for the record...
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    When the panic was on about Y2K, I stocked 2 big jars of peanut butter, 5 boxes of saltine crackers, and some powdered milk. Filled the bathtub with water (for sanitation) and bought 5 gallons of drinking water. (I live alone.) I figured that would get me past the immediate problems. As it turned out, it was a tempest in a teapot and nothing happened here in Dallas. (I actually expected it to be a nothing event--I'd worked for more than a year in my job preparing our COBOL programs for Y2K.)

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      Add a couple 50lb bags of feed salt if you don't live on the coast or another source of salt. Thx-Ace


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        I was already a prepper long before Y2K. I bought a **NEW** 55G drum set it on cement blocks and got a hand pump for it. Then I filled every single empty fuel type container I had on hand and bought a couple more just to be sure. Initially I started prepping around July 1979. I also stocked 2 cases truck oil and as I type this I still have some. Oil and air filters to boot. Occasionally when I have a 20 burning a hole in my pants I get a new flannel shirt or Carhartt stocking hat. Mainly I HATE running outta stuff. Even back then I stockpiled TP and PT. I even bought a double bunk bed for MORE canned goods on scrap plywood.

        So guess what I'm low on?? You got it... TP. When I lost my job at Camp Suzy June 2008 I had to pinch sum TP from my reserves. Never ran out of PT tho. Still haven't bought nary a single roll a Paper Towels. Near as I can tell I haven't bought a single roll a PT since 2008.
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