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Somebody is Disappearing The Steele Dossier On-Line

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  • Somebody is Disappearing The Steele Dossier On-Line

    Get your copy why you still can:

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    Well Lasergunner I spent an hour reading some of that and I fully understand ALL of that when it was written it was Well Over My PAY GRADE when I was in the Service. I know a few of you guys were trained as ENGINEERS at a UNIVERSITY like MIT as it's the most famous in the lower 48. I'm just gonna quit while I'm still ahead.

    Winter ain't here but it's tryin' and just a skooch away. But I just came inside and Mister Sun is coming up here in the PNW tho roads are still wet. Heat is at 100% here and I'm dressed near like an Eskimo & I am shivering so I think I'll head for WOOLLEY for my FAVE victuals the LOGGER. Six long strips of BACON 4 Easy Over Eggs Pan fried Taters and English Muffin and my usual Mug of Hot Water. No Sir I ain't kidding!

    For the last seventeen years my 04 Ranger XLT Truck HEATER has NEVER FAILED ME. I hope as I feel like an ice cube.
    [B]Grumpy Old Fart [/B][IMG][/IMG]