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Messing with the eldest Grandson.

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  • Messing with the eldest Grandson.

    He came out to see his Grandma yesterday afternoon before he went back to School.

    We were discussing his courses this Semester, and he's taking a Photography class. He was complaining that he was going to have to buy a tripod and a UV filter to use, and I announced that I could save him the money. Excavated through my Pentax-K stuff and dug them out. While digging, I ran onto my slide rule and handed it to him. I asked if he knew what it was, and he didn't.

    I explained, and showed him how it worked. He was checking my answers on his 'phone, and was shocked that I could do the problems about as quickly as he could key them in on a calculator.

    These kids coming up are probably the last ones who will be able to say they knew anyone Who actually used a slide rule professionally.
    Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.