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We are at war with Communist China and they are advancing!

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  • We are at war with Communist China and they are advancing!

    It started with Communist China and the DNC cooperating to produce a bioweapon called COVID-19. It was intended to alter the world order in Communist China's favor and to facilitate the DNC's hijack of the United States of America. The Chi'Comms got to keep our investments in their manufacturing and supply chains. They also got rid of the "Bad Orange Man" and they continue to solidify their gains around the world and even here in the U.S. at our expense. They've turned Australia from a bulwark of Democracy and freedom to a protégé junior Maoist "Little China" in the making. Europe as a decisive military power is becoming irrelevant and Europe itself appears to be comfortable with becoming a collection of clients on Communist China's Silk Road. The DNC is not a majority party. It is only able to maintain it's grip on power by evolving it's political theory of the slave plantation to the care and feeding of high population urban zones and blue states. This is reinforced by outright corruption, authoritarianism, and voter fraud. They pulled out all the stops to extend their successful authoritarian model upon the majority by way of a stolen national election that culminated in control of both Houses of Congress and the crowning jewel of the U.S. Presidency. Under the cover of a now continuing pandemic that they helped to create, they are solidifying their control as a shadow Communist Chinese Ally.

    Our situation is not without hope but it is dire. Our nation isn't a country of provinces but of individual states welded together by a Federal Republic. The Democrats and their foreign Chinese Allies want to make our country a Unitary Republic. This puts complete political control in the hands of a central government. Our biggest obstacle may be the people we elected. This is their hour, when the country is teetering on raft of calamities, to step up and either hold the line or make corrections. That's a tough sell to someone who thinks they have a political future as a Democrat or has made one as a RINO. If things progress according to the DNC paradigm, there will only be Democrats; just as in Communist China there is only the CCP.

    The same populism that put Donald Trump in office could win the day but is unlikely to unless it is backed up by the First and Second Amendments. We the people are both a force to be reckoned with and at the proverbial "bottom." Our elections have to be something we can have confidence in. The votes have to be real and they have to be legitimate and the counts must be true and without fraud or replacement voters or we are done as the nation we knew.

    What used to be the Democrats, now still operating under the name of the Democrat Party but increasingly resembling the Bolsheviks that over through Czarist Russia, and their CCP Allies know that America still has the cartridge box and any other device or lever that comes to hand. A Marxist/Leninist/Communist/ Radicalized Democrat hijacking and coup cannot and will not succeed if the American people have and execute the collective will to say No! This is no small denial. This is Our Republic and it is up to Us to keep it. The Constitution of the United States of America is Our trust bequeathed to Us by those who fought, worked, bled, and came before Us. It is Ours to be exceptional and to pass on to those who come after. Everything that is our government comes from non governmental sources! It comes from Us! Electricity, water, fuel, food, medicines, consumables, commerce, manpower, and expertise all serves to float the enterprise that we refer to as government. Government depends on Us. Government cannot support itself or exist without us. We are not merely the governed but we are in fact governments Life Support. Those who populate the government are not inherently the government. They work for Us! And when they, in conspiracy, abrogate their Oaths to protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic and instead seek to weaponize their governmental authorizations against We the People and are in open hostility to our Constitution and our laws passed with our consent, they and their nepotism, graft and corruption can all find themselves where they would despoil us; that is to say in "cancellation." We outnumber them and without our consent they are not of us. We are not obliged to pay taxes. We do so voluntarily under the law. No tax should be paid and forthcoming to a rogue and tyrannical government that is hostile to our Constitution and We the People. If We the People adopt a non violence approach to restoring top down lawful and constitutional governance then we can do so by starving the beast.

    The beast's accomplices in media and commerce can also be made to starve. Their sole existence is for us. Advertising proves it.

    If we get it right, here, we can put things aright to Communist China.
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    We are at war, but only one side if fighting.