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A lot of undeniable Voter Fraud

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  • HD88
    Nothing will be done. Nobody is interested in fixing this. Eventually there will be no more need for even the facade of elections. The communists are almost finished taking over and yet the regular people seem fine with this. No protest against the fraud. No protest against the puppets in positions of power. Like sheep to the slaughter.

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  • Lasergunner
    started a topic A lot of undeniable Voter Fraud

    A lot of undeniable Voter Fraud

    Arizona is about to release the results of their final audit. Some of what they have found has already been released. Indications are that Trump likes what he's hearing.

    Then there's Wisconsin. A voter integrity group, there, discovered that 23,000 voters share the same telephone number. 8,000 voters registered to vote in 1918. All of these questionable voters are in the same county!