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Medicare is impressing me.

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  • Medicare is impressing me.

    In 2019, the last year I worked, I was paying $140 and change, per week, for my medical insurance. $4500 max out of pocket, and it wasn't hard to get bills for a couple of hundred bucks for lab work or whatever. The bill from the ER for my heart issue was around $2,000 out of pocket.

    When I found the failings of the structural integrity of my front deck back at the end of June, I was expecting to get whacked for several $thousand in payments, but it's not working out that way. Note that I am carrying a Medicare supplement policy that runs about $50/Mo , but still...

    ER visit, medications, X-Ray and CAT scan both on both my ribs and wrist, cast, and yada-yada-yada ancillary stuff, to the tune of a four page list? After Medicare and the supplemental picked up? $90 out of pocket total. I'm still expecting a bill from the Attending MD and the Radiologist, but I already think I got off very cheaply.

    Inversely, the wrist didn't heal right, and I get to have it surgically altered on the 28th of this month, but I'm still amazed at how cheap it's all been so far. I was resigned to hitting the max Out-of-pocket on my supplemental even before I wound up having Orthopedic Surgeons involved, but am profoundly impressed at the coverage to date.

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    I have Medicare Part B and Tricare For Life. TFL is only available to military retirees and does not cost us anything; however it requires the user also have Medicare Part B, which does have a cost. I very rarely have any expense from a hospital or office visit--once in a while I get a bill for lab work, although most of that is also covered. TFL provides discounts on medications but does not cover the entire cost, and one can use a subsidized pharmacy (Express Scripts) and bulk deliveries to further reduce the cost. I also do not have dental coverage, and that has been an expense this year. All in all, I consider myself well set for medical expenses.

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      Yeah. My father had the Medicare plus Tricare thing going. The total original bill for his last illness was in the high six figures. When my brother cleaned up the bills for his estate, he paid less than $1000 out of pocket to clean up everything the insurances didn't cover.
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        I tried getting Tricare for Life after I retired and you have to have a CAC to register, so I don't have it.

        I asked my congresswoman to fix and got no response.
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          I've been on Humana Gold medicare supplement for 4 years.

          I've had pain procedures, spine surgery, foot surgery MRI's, X rays, physical therapy, dozens of high end eye exams and tons of other stuff that I cant even remember.

          Other than co pays at the doctors office, I haven't paid one thin dime for anything.