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  • I'm confused here.....

    Brand-name products are not allowed to use black people as symbols for their products. (Witness "Uncle Ben's" products, or "Aunt Jemima", to name a couple of the most prominent.) OTOH, when they advertise their new PC name, they are obligated to have a third of the people in the commercials be black. That is totally cool and pretty much completely PC.

    Why is one considered to be "exploiting" black folks but the other one isn't?

    Why doesn't this make sense to me??
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    It doesn't--only in the world of mass advertising. First of all, only about 12% of the US population is Black, so 1/3 is a wrong proportion. Also, there are far fewer Black/White couples than are shown in TV commercials, but they're there. And finally, I have not heard any Blacks complaining about either Aunt Jemima or Uncle Ben--all the complaining has been by White people.

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