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Selling on eBay, pro gun charities donation

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  • Selling on eBay, pro gun charities donation

    I'm selling some stuff on ebay and thought I might donate part of the proceeds to a pro gun charity.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

    Recommend charities?

    I found 'firearms policy foundation', 'the second amendment institute' and 'calguns foundation' but don't know anything about them.


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    If I had spare funds to donate to a Pro 2A organization outfit I'd send some to Allan Gotlieb's *Jews For the Preservation of the Second Amendment.* This outfit does FAR MORE than the Nra.
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      You pays your money and you takes your chances. Most all of them are a grift at one level or another.

      I have no problem with supporting the folks running the organization, at one level. If they want to take 10% or so off the top for employees, I'm good, for the first few $mil. When it gets up to Wayne's level of 20% of several hundred Million bucks a year. I have a problem, and won't give them money.

      I really haven't done a whole lot of research on any of the National organizations lately. I'm keeping most all of my contributions in-State to the folks who I can see are doing something without having to spend it all on Management and Lobbyists.

      Do your homework and follow the money.
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