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  • Reptilians

    There is a persistent idea that a race of aliens might actually blend into our human populations. They would possess some kind of masking technology that would make ordinary interactions within our society possible. One popular conspiracy theory is that they are a reptilian race that is either native to Earth or are aliens from somewhere else. Their masking technology relies heavily on holographics. They are often cited as secret controllers of governments and active in secret societies.

    Here's an image on tumbler that started making the rounds six days ago:

    A video can be found here:

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    Just wat "They Live" with Roddy Piper.

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      For as long as I have known about them, I have found the Ubaid Lizardmen statues to be intriguing.

      The Al’Ubaid archaeological site is a small mound of about half a kilometer in diameter and two meters above ground. The site was first excavated by Harry Reginald Hal in 1919.

      7,000-year-old artifacts unearthed there display humanoid figurines with lizard-like features. Those are real male and female reptilian statues found in many different positions. Some appear to be wearing helmets, while others have shoulder padding. Other figurines were found to be holding a scepter or staff and some of the female statues are breastfeeding or holding their babies, which have reptilian features as well.

      With their long heads, almond shaped eyes, elongated tapered faces, and lizard-like noses, one can’t help but wonder why they were so important to the Ubaidian people. We know that the serpent was a major symbol in many societies, but according to many archaeologists, these lizard-like creatures were not worshipped as gods, so that leads us to the question what exactly do they represent?



      Seven thousand years ago, an ancient people were depicting the likeness of something they didn't worship but speaks to us today of a bipedal reptilian being.


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        Are the statues supposed to represent actual beings, or did the Ubaid folks go through an Art Deco phase?

        We put Gargoyles on buildings for many years, but we were not representing anything that most anyone believed existed, and those who did believe pointed to the Gargoyles as proof that they were representing something real.

        See Dragons for another one in the same vein.

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          OTOH, it could be noted that I've been claiming that the SCOAMF Obama and Hillary were Lizard People as far back as about 2011 or so. I had fun explaining what that meant.

          Free Area 51!!!
          Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.


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            I did more reading on the Ubaid statues. The most accurate thing that can be said about them is that we don't know what they represent! There is no literary source that would explain them. Archaeologists don't know but they agree that the figures have "snake'" heads. One thought is that there may be a linkage to the practice of skull elongation but there is nothing solid with which to make that connection. The Ubaids did practice skull elongation.

            Here is a scholarly piece that may give you a feel for the people that made these figurines. Its just under 10 MBs and is in PDF format: :


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              "V" Awesome 80's Sci-Fi mini series



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                If you're Zecharia Sitchin, there are your Annunaki. If you're David Iches, there are your Lizard people behind the Iluminati. It might as well be another oopart artifact that stands outside of history. It is something, at this point, that doesn't really inform us but rather taunts us with hints of a richer tapestry of history then we will likely ever discover.

                It's human nature to lie and embellish reality with non truths. Very likely, the graphic that begins this thread is someone's clever CGI product. Still, it is the opinion of some scientists that ET is already here and clandestinely observing and operating in and amongst our societies. If that were true than it would at least be plausible that ET's operatives might be observed from time to time in ways that don't conform to our accepted or expected norms.

                Getting back to the Ubaid statues, I wonder if there might not be saurian survivors of terrestrial origin who are a small and vulnerable minority that co-exist along side us. They may not have advanced technology. Like us, they may not have the full recollection of their history. Their camouflage and mimicking abilities may be more akin to those of a chameleon; albeit more artful. They might be a blend of mammal and reptile.