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How about we just send the whole NBA to China?

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  • How about we just send the whole NBA to China?

    Apparently, money is more important than anything else, so if you offend the ChiCom Government, you are bad. Go farging play there, then. I don't need them, and I sure expect the same from the NBA regarding my interest in them..
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    I only watch baseball, and it only sporadically. AFAIC, the NBA and NFL can all go to China or disband entirely. And regarding the issue of paying college athletes for their "work", I am not for it. Going to college is for learning something, not playing games. If there is a need (?) for a prep school for professional athletes, then some of them should be created--just not attached to colleges and universities. Institutes of higher learning should be judged on how well they educate, not on their football teams' prowess.

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      I've seen and heard what these so called professional athletes pulled and continue to pull. I've never followed pro sports. Never been into it since I was a kid. If they hate America so much they need to get the flock outta here.
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        That would work for me. Overpaid chits.
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          I've heard the NBA may need to cancel their season, seems they've lost their balls.
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            I'm ok with it, if we can drop them from 35,000'
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