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I am now at Level ANNOYANCE!!!

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  • I am now at Level ANNOYANCE!!!

    NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!!! There are NO major deaths! This will ONLY kill the old and frail and possibly some very young.

    Things are beginning to get shut down everywhere. ALL of Disney is shut down now, both parks!!

    Today at my local (crappy) Hannaford, ALL of the TP was gone (even the crappy stuff), most of the meat is cleaned out (except for the pork), 99% of the tuna was gone, and the milk was hit good too.

    Now because of the idiots, I'm being forced to go buy groceries. Luckily I'm a little smarter than the average bear. I'm buying canned stuffs and a few loaves of bread.
    I don't need TP, or bottles of water. I get free water from my well. Although if we lose power (which is not a symptom of the Virus) my free water stops then I have to go to Life Straws or boiling pots of water, but I mostly survive on beer and soda anyway so water is only used for cooking.

    I tell people "If you can camp, then you can survive".

    This is just pissing me off. OH I'm also gonna fill up on some agsoline too. I have 3 5gal Jerrycans that need-a-filling.

    The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...

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    I agree that, at this point anyway, the complete shutting down of things may be premature. My church just informed me that this Sunday there will be only 2 services, one Traditional and one Contemporary, and that they will be on-line only (we have a streaming video capability). The only people present will be the clergy, the music staff, and the Choir (those of us who will come).

    I am in the group with the most susceptibility--I'm 82 and have Type II Diabetes (and a few other issues, all of which are under control). However, I am not particularly worried--my immune system works (I ate dirt and drank from the hose as a kid) and my general health is OK. I typically do not get the flu (don't get the shot, either). I don't usually attend big gatherings of people (not a concert goer or movies) and will take the usual precautions.


    ETA: Just got word that the Choir will not participate, either. Just a small group of musicians.
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      Given that we are all fully aware that the media is going to light their hair on fire and run around screaming "It's the end of the world, and Trump did it"?

      Better to get some measures in place early rather than late. If it flattens the curve of the spread, it's a positive development. I'm just a bit disgruntled that they aren't closing more schools yet. Those places are plague factories in the best of times.
      Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.


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        IT HAS even hit rural northern Mich. Yesterday I was in Wallyworld and they still had lots of stuff.

        Made a 6AM raid this morning and ZERO TP in the whole place.
        Looked like it was ravaged by wolves.

        I got my last minute things no one thinks of and left.
        AT one time I did... unbelievable things for this country without question, because it was my country and right. NOW, my country, that country, no longer exists and I now I feel I am the Philip Nolan of my age.
        God carries a 1911.
        Just another day towards 20...


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          I got a higher than average pay check today so I had a mental list and the wife and I went shopping. We hit Shaws, BJs, and Walmart.
          We just missed getting TP at BJs. He have enough, but I worry about in the next two months.
          Shaws was having sales for the weekend so I bought 24 cans of tuna (I usually buy about 30 anyway, so I'm not panic buying). That will last a few months.
          Then the rest of the stores it was "stocking the shelves time" for me. I noticed KEY foods missing. Walmart had almost no soup. I was going to grab a few cans of Chicken noodle soup for the boy... ONE CAN in the whole store. Canned veggies almost all gone except for peas. Almost no canned chicken, no TP of course. The favorite laundry detergents were all gone only Tide was left, the wife said that its because its expensive. Butter was thin, sugar and flower were cleaned out.
          I guess this virus makes you want to bake and poop your pants.
          I did a good restocking of the basement shelves and freezer that was past due anyway, but it was not panic buying.

          The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...


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            Originally posted by LAWCOP View Post

            I got my last minute things no one thinks of and left.
            That's my procedure at this point. I'm good for six months, but it's going to get a bit boring in the food department if I don't "accessorize", as it were. 'Shrooms, spices, hot sauces, extra 'Mater Sauce, a few more canned meats, another dozen pounds of Bacon, a couple of cheap Pork Loins...(Hey. $1.98/pound. Hamburger is $3+/pound. Your call, but I like me some Pork.)

            Lipton Onion Soup adds a lot of flavor to most anything. Get yourself a few of those. BBQ Sauce.

            'Nother 10 pounds of Macaroni and Spaghetti ain't going to hurt. We eat it anyway, so it's just advance purchases. Extra 20# of Potatoes, and a couple big boxes of the instant ones.

            Crackers for the 4 jars of Peanut Butter I already have......

            And so it goes. This ain't a "crisis", it's just an opportunity to totally jungle up for a few weeks. I can do that in my sleep.

            Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.


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              Did a weekly trip tonight, in no small part because I wanted to rubber neck. Wal-Mart has zero TP, napkins, paper towels. Soups were hard hit, crackers not so much. Eggs were down by better than half. Bottled water was gone, though the fill-the-jug station had empties yet. Canned veggies down over half. Rubbing alcohol was not to be found. Peroxide on the other hand was abundant. Disinfectant wipes are down 80%, hand sanitizer gone. Fresh veggies were low, especially bagged potatoes (though across town they had plenty), bread decimated for loaves while there was a pretty decent supply of English muffins and pocket breads and such.

              Canned tuna and ready to heat pastas such as Spagheti-O's and Ravioli were very low.

              The call-us-and-we'll-shop-for-you program was being hit so hard it was like it was the only option available. Several workers with carts loaded with blue bins filling orders to be placed in the back of cars. When we buy a large order you can still fit it in 3 of those bins should we go that route - they're about 12-15 gallons each capacity. When we were going in I saw carts being unloaded from as many as 10 bins for one car. One worker we talked to said they had 92 such orders already today and they were still coming in. There is a special canopied parking area for the call ahead ordering and it normally has no more than 2 cars in it ever. Today they were waiting for their orders one after the other. Not sure but some may have been waiting to just to find the special parking. And as we were leaving another guy was also. He pulled his sweatshirt sleeves over his hands before he started pushing the cart. Gave us a real chuckle.

              I hit the local Hy-Vee for Torpedo (high hops content IPA) and about gagged when I saw a new offering by another brand - peanut butter porter. The liqueur dept is separate from the main store but they were checking out carts of groceries - can only imagine what the main side was like. Parking lot was 80% full. I had been by earlier for other non-grocery business and every cart had paper towels or napkins or water - whatever was left.

              The Fareway grocery (another chain) had signs limiting TP, paper towels, napkins, disinfectants and "cleaning supplies' (Lysol, Pine-Sol, whatever) to 6 items total. Mix and match I guess, not 6 of each. Cashier said they were sold out of TP before she arrived at 10:30.

              Peanut butter low, especially larger sizes. Boxes pastas and mac and cheese - hit hard to the point of seriously empty slots, same as at W-M. Pasta sauce likewise low. Loaf breads almost completely gone as at W-M. Frozen pizzas at W-M had been hit HARD, and were being hit as I watched. I bought two bacon cheeseburger models at Fareway because it was a very good sale and am very seldom allowed to indulge.

              Bought an area newspaper as well for the front page. Local care centers are now closed to visitors until further notice. Banner was Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction. I think I am going to go downtown and hang out my pandemic consulting shingle. I will wear a mask and gloves of course. Just for advertising purposes.

              I should add we did buy some extra groceries - canned meats to give away should some of our elderly friends need assistance. Other stuff we have already. And an extra 20 oz container of kitty treats.


              Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Benjamin Franklin

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                I was out of cat food so had to go to Albertson's. Lots of cars in the lot and very busy registers--pretty full carts, but fairly normal goods. Shelves well stocked. No sign of panic.

                [FONT=Arial]When they ask me, "Paper or plastic?" I just say, "Doesn't matter to me. I am bi-sacksual." [/FONT]

                Texan by choice, not accident of birth


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                  Went to a gun show today and while in the area hit the Sam's Club. That would be a members-only warehouse-type buying club business for our non-US members. Like Costco, just not as good. But its only 40-odd miles instead of 120, so...

                  The show was smaller than normal by a third, and we were told the promoters were going to cancel it over the virus issue, but the dealers shouted and stamped their feet, so the show went on. Luckily for me, because I needed some more fodder for the belt fed devices that I plan to set up at the outside doors in case Wuhan Juan and his buggy friends try to gain entry. But seriously, they were closing the aisles one by one to "disinfect" the floor using a ride-on floor machine. Just 5 of the 6 aisles, and not the cross aisles, but there you are. Hey, it a city-owned community center so bureaucratic thinking rules. No masks or gloves on any one. No panic, and many many hundreds of cheap Chinese knock-off knives on tables normally occupied by more interesting goods. We spent about $70 including the admission fee.

                  After a quick lunch we hit Sam's for gas first - $1.75/gal if anyone is keeping track - and then the club. Parking was scarce, which was a first clue. Once inside there were very few carts to grab, though the staff was trying to retrieve them from the outer lot as quick as practical. Inside the door the guy who normally checks for your member card was instead spraying paper towels with something and handing them out to wipe the cart handles with. I know, it would have been far more effective if they'd wipe the handles as they brought the carts back to the corral - since they enter from the back and are pushed to the front - rather than after the customer has already handled them, but whatever.

                  Then we were greeted with the site of a couple of dozen will-call orders sitting by the exit doors. Those are the on-line order placements that the customer just has to pull up to and have loaded for them - no coughing/sneezing/wind breaking customers to deal with inside. Then thread our way across the store to start in the far corner as per our habit. To do this we had to get past the customers seeking to check out. It was a MOB scene. Every register was open and manned even though the normal one cashier/one assistant was reduced to one employee per register period. 2, 3 or 4 carts per register, even the self check-outs.

                  No toilet paper, no paper towels, no paper napkins, only Perrier water, no 'regular' bottled stuff. As we later saw the only remaining water was Evian and Fiji - even the Perrier was gone by then. An easy 60 feet of empty floor space and shelving above that normally has bottled water.

                  Gatorade was flying out the door. Some individual bottled juices but the large multi-serving containers were still in stock. Lots of cases of soda pop. 3 separate pallets of Mexican Corona beer through the aisles with very, very few cases removed. Wonder why it wasn't selling?

                  We were last there at Sam's on Monday the 2nd of March, and the shopper mix easily hit 40-50% foreign minorities. Asians were buying literally flatbed carts of rice in various forms in 25 to 40 lb bags stacked 7-12 per cart.One group was 4 separate couples. African emigres were more diverse in the selections, and the Indian sub-continent crowd mixed rice and diet related items that were typical for their chose fare. Today, virtually the only minorities were Hispanics in their usual mix, something that was noticeably absent early last week. That area - Sioux City, Iowa - has a large American Indian population and there are reservations within easy driving distance. I saw literally not one such person there. There were two shoppers of Asian extraction. Very few Blacks. The great majority was older people - even in wheelchairs - and young families and middle-age single shoppers, just as likely male as not, which is remarkable for our experience. It is like the divide is by ethnicity, with those who have within their lives come from an impoverished country recognizing the coming crisis much earlier than those born here. Judging from the experiences over the past couple of weeks Hispanics seem less inclined to prep than any other group. I did not discern that buying was cost conscious ("we can't afford to spend the money") but there was some of what I would call a grab whatever *is* available mentality today, whereas last week the minorities had a better selection all around.

                  Before this gets too long here is a quick rundown of what we saw, or didn't in many cases:

                  Protein drinks - hit hard and were being prominently displayed as well.

                  Excedrin and Aleve- both gone entirely. Generic Ibuprofen was abundant this week but was sold out last week.

                  Airborne and Emergen-C = both sold out.

                  Omage-3 oil capsules were either sold out or hit hard depending on the brand. One lady I watched seemed torn as to which to go with. That stuff is ALWAYS in stock. Or was.

                  Mucinex (gaufenesin) - gone. Nyquil - gone. Liquid hand soap and any manner of hand sanitizer - gone. Listerine mouthwash was eithre gone entirely, or depleted, or well stocked depending on the variety. Only the Total Care version was abundant and that is a fluoride rinse.

                  Bay items: diapers, wipes, formula and food - limit 2 per customer.

                  Cleaning products: limit 2 per customer.

                  AA Batteries - VERY hard hit. 2 seperate store kiosks and one had only a single package left out of a couple hundred normally. AAA, C and D and well as 9 volt and disc styles remained reasonably represented.

                  Mets were low but cut chicken (legs, breasts, thighs, etc) were down to 4 packages total out of over 20 feet of cooler space.

                  Milk - 36 gall jugs left, only fat-free, and 7 gallons of chocolate. 25 linear floor feet of milk coolers were empty. Cheeses were low but present for the most part, butter could readily be had but margarine was very low in all forms.

                  Female sanitary products were absent, well picked-over, or ignored depending on the style and size. Incontinence briefs likewise.

                  Body wash and shower gels were either sold out or picked over, depending on whether they were basic (gone) or exotic (picked over).

                  Salt and flour were entirely sold out. Sugar could be had only in 10 lb bags, not the 25 lb bulk units. There was probably a short pallet of sugar left. Cooking oil was available yet.

                  Alcohol: apparently people are going to sit at home eating junk good and sipping chablis and merlot. Peppermint schnapps is completely gone (empty shelf caught my eye) as well as many whiskeys and then in the other direction high end products that are kept under lock and key instead of openly accessible because of the cost - some being over $300/bottle! - were down by at least 1/2 overall.

                  Any quick to microwave or cook in a toaster oven kid-friendly snack food was hit hard if not just more empty shelf space. No empty slots in the fresh veggies section this time - unlike last week.

                  The crowd had thinned greatly by the time we left with our very few purchases - which we made merely because we were there after all - but by that time the carts were loaded with snack foods because whatever else they wanted was gone. Chips, Chex Mix, nuts, etc by the large boxes. I am talking literally carts nearly full, no actual nutritious food.

                  Canned soups - 98% gone. Canned heat and eat pasta - decimated.

                  Gatorade was down to perhaps a half dozen flats of 16 oz. bottles. Energy drink on the other hand was abundant. Flavored waters were almost ignored.

                  All cleaning supplies, including household detergents, were limit 2 per customer.

                  Salt for recharging water softeners was almost gone. One fellow loaded at least 15 bags on his cart while we watched. The selection was limited to one type only, and that wasn't the more 'modern' version favored by newer softeners.

                  Bulk pet foods were low but still obtainable.

                  Little Debbie-brand snack cakes, which are THE favorite in the US since Hostess shut down before reopening under new ownership a couple years later, were absolutely completely gone. not even crickets chirping.

                  Bread: hamburger and hotdog buns in good supply, otherwise only higher end loaf bread and very little of that. No standard sandwich bread by any bakery. Should I mention here that there is a large commercial bakery right there in Sioux City?

                  Kleenex tissue - gone.

                  Disposable tableware such as plates and cups - being bought in restaurant-size quantities left and right. In some cases literally 1,000 or more of an item like foam plates. Oddly, actual reusable dinnerware and silverware was gone as well. Empty shelves.

                  No food service worker-style vinyl gloves. This place supplies restaurants, so they normally have a good stock. The nitrile models were limited to 2 units (3 packs each) per customer.

                  Exam gloves, nitrile - medium were still available in fair quantity and so were size large. Zero size small gloves. As my bride pointed out Asian-size hands use small.

                  On the up side we did see a large flat-screen TV being purchased. We assumed the couple buying ti was going to pop corn and watch the apocalypse live.
                  Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Benjamin Franklin

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                    The locust plague has struck the Walmart here, also. The locusts buy some strange stuff 'round these parts.

                    TP and Paper Towels? Gone. Laundry Detergent is also gone, but Dish Soap is still in good shape. Bottled water is gone.

                    Chips and snack stuff were plentiful, as were boxed Soda Crackers and Snack Crackers. Breakfast Cereal looked normal.

                    Canned meats, Beef Stew, Hash, and suchlike were very thin on the ground, but not completely cleaned out.

                    Big containers of Pasta were gone, but there were still 1# boxes available. Pasta sauce and Tomato sauce were cleaned out. Canned beans were a bit thinner than normal, but not really short.

                    Veggies and frozen veggies looked pretty much normal. TV Dinners and suchlike were basically gone.

                    Eggs and Milk were still in reasonable supply, but Bread was almost gone. Snack cakes were down to half of normal.

                    Cheese, Sausages, Hot Dogs, Sliced and whole Hams plentiful, as were most all meats, other than Hamburger being on the low side.

                    Frozen Pizza does not exist.

                    I'd hate to have to live for two weeks on what these folks are stocking up on.

                    Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.


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                      My Bank account is empty! In fact I am in "Overdraft"!!! WHY.........did I buy all this crap!! (NOT ME!!!!)

                      This is like any other Virus. "Catch it to cure it".

                      There are "carriers" that never even had a symptom! All way needs to run its course. Either you get it, or you don't. And if you do get it, you may feel like crap for a week. BUT then, YOU are immune!

                      OR like the "regular" may die, like the other 20,000 People every NEVER hear about!!
                      And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgement was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands: and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. Rev. Chap.20 Vs.4)


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                        However this turns out our lives will never be the same. Of course if your efforts at lessening the impact are successful the Libs will blame Trump for every single newspaper carrier job lost, every penny in interest and every hurt feeling of the snowflake generation.

                        I am very leery of this one but I am not panicking and running up the credit cards and cashing out my retirement funds (WHAT! retirement funds?). But I am inventorying things. I know darn well there are a couple-three cases of Tyvek suits and jackets and shoe covers and such around somewhere.I'd have a garage sale and clear space and find things but people ain't supposed to be congregating and such.

                        Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Benjamin Franklin

                        I have but one person on my ignore list. Can you guess who it is?


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                          With what I have in checking, my VA benefit and unemployment (when it start to come in) I should be good to pay next months mortgage, but I have to check the math to see if I'm good for April's bills and May's mortgage. I pay the Mortgage at the end of each month. With that I have some metal recycling that can greatly help out. The place I go to told me that they do not plan on ever closing. As it was put to me, they are not on the list of non-essential businesses.

                          The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...


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                            Yesterday I thought I'd make a meme.

                            I meme-d myself.

                            The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...


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                              World Affairs Brief, March 27, 2020 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
                              Copyright Joel Skousen. Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

                              The two biggest complaints I have about media and government claims about Covid 19 is that:

                              1) The death rate is highly manipulated figure depending on how many infected people are included in the pool (which is almost impossible to know without guessing). The latest propaganda is that the US is the leader in number of Covid 19 cases, surpassing Italy and China. I don’t believe for a minute that that is true, give China’s suppression of the real numbers.

                              2) That everyone who dies that tests positive for Covid 19 is listed as a coronavirus death, despite other chronic illnesses present or at least a compromised immune system that is the prime cause of death.

                              Here is one excellent fact-based article that you can share with others who are under the spell of the Covid-19 fearmongers: Jack Kerwick on the Corona Hysteria.
                     ... ia-part-i/

                              Even though it is not being given any coverage in the mainstream media, more experts are coming forth challenging the notion that Covid 19 is deadly to most.
                     ... d-19-panic
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                              ─Ron Paul, interview by Time on Sep 17, 2009.