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Remember the Littoral Combat Ship The Navy just turned a skunk into a wolverine

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  • Remember the Littoral Combat Ship The Navy just turned a skunk into a wolverine

    These vessels were originally envisioned to be cheap 1,000 ton displacement corvettes that would take up some of the workload that is carried by the Arliegh Burke class destroyers. They were designed around modular mission packages. In practice, these ships were under armed and not rugged enough to survive contact with an enemy. Like every other program under the Obama Administration, the price tag ballooned and redesigns were called for to try to save the project. These ships were undermanned from the word go. The crews were overworked. Exhaustion was a frequent complaint from sailors assigned to the LCS vessels.

    What's changed is they are changing all of the LCS over to the Aegis system and they are adding Deep Strike Missile capability. This is an offensive punch at range that can take out enemy ships and land targets.

    *The Naval Strike Missile is a long-range, precision strike weapon that can find and destroy enemy ships at distances up to 100 nautical miles away. The stealthy missile flies at sea-skimming altitude, has terrain-following capability and uses an advanced seeker for precise targeting in challenging conditions.

    “I mean, think about what you get from having an NSM and then a Longbow Hellfire, and then a 57mm gun and then a 30mm gun and a helicopter that can reach around all of that. From a layered defense of SUW, that’s more pound for the punch than you’re ever going to get out of a DDG-51.”

    These ugly ducklings are now the Navy's equivalent of a Street Fighter!

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    While the added missiles are a nice touch, that does not make up for them being under manned. Hard to suddenly add crew space also unless you get the 'girls' off and start hot bunking.

    Then you get a well placed missile, you have the start of a BIG beer can scrap pile of aluminum.


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      I'm not impressed with them.

      Like that awesome 5" gun with the 100 mile range? We can't afford to pay $3 Mil/shot for ammo for it, so it ain't any good to us.

      We don't have half the Military we pretend to have, and half the Technology we are claiming to use doesn't work for crap. The M-14 in Semi-Auto mode is as good as anything they've come up with since then, or better, and most of our Artillery, Mortars, and Anti-Tank rockets are marginal at best without super high buck ammo, which we don't have anywhere enough of to come out on top of a real war.

      Just saying....
      Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.


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        From the company that was partly responsible for the mess tasked with fixing it. Right.
        “I have a Right to my Life; I have a Right to the Fruits of my Labor. If you concede the principle of the Income Tax, you concede the principle that the government owns ALL your income and permits you to keep a certain percentage of it.”
        ─Ron Paul, interview by Time on Sep 17, 2009.