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THIS Is How You Stop A Submarine

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  • THIS Is How You Stop A Submarine

    With your Fists of Fury!

    Kudos to the man.

    Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Benjamin Franklin

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    Incredible nads...or else vying for the Darwin Award..What happens if the hatch opens and some scum comes up full auto?


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      "Sir, we've been trying to reach you! I'm here to talk about your submarine warranty!"
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        I'm not sure that the Coasties aren't putting their people at unnecessary risk.

        When they leave Port, they need to yell "Halt" and fire a warning shot. That's the one that they give away, and any Narco submarine that they encounter gets a couple of 5" rounds (Or whatever the Coast Guard is putting on their Cutters as a main gun now.) amidships. Why do the feel the need to confiscate the stuff when blowing the sub up and spreading it out through the ocean would equally work and be a lot cheaper in the costs of incarceration for the crew involved on the sub?
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          Just put a few fifty holes in it and let is sink. custom made coffin.
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