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Changes in the Army Infantry Branch

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  • Changes in the Army Infantry Branch

    Unfortunately they are still letting womyn in, that is the #1 change I would make.

    An older, what I thought, conservative couple were gushing that their daughter joined the Army and I asked, what's her MOS? Infantry

    I remember at Ft Benning only seeing one woman during my stay at OSUT.

    In fact, in the field, when we got a shower, we would like up naked with a bar of soap and a towel in flip flops for them to pour water on us.
    A task force plans to revamp the antiquated methods the Army uses to recruit, select and train infantry.
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    Proposed changes only. Proposed as in the realm of maybe if we do this we can field better warriors. They need to quit trying to pretend technology alone can win battles and concentrate on tactics, initiative and letting them do what needs to be done. Hopefully they bring the bayonet back and start by charging through Congress.

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