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The Mission of Field Medicine?

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  • The Mission of Field Medicine?

    I'd like you all to follow the link, listed below, and continue on with the topic. Since we discussed this, a lot of new faces have come on board and I'd be interested in hearing your input.

    arma tuentur pacem

    a fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi

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    Got sutures?
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      I think it depends on where you are too, which will determine the circumstances. I don't expect military-style fighting...but something more like the attacks on South African farmers. Regardless of how it goes down, having strength in numbers will always be a plus...but, will also bring a higher risk of traitors in group. Chances are that you will be killed if you stay stationary.

      My personal plans are to get EMT qualified again and try to get in with a vol unit. I think fighting infection and exposure(hypothermia) will be more common than battle wounds. But, I don't know anything, which is why I come here to learn.



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        Great thread. One thing that wasn't really addressed, though...

        In an SHTF/Mini-SHTF scenario, you are most likely to be among your friends and family. I don't see how I could not do EVERYTHING in my power to help my friends and family, regardless of their combat potential.

        Granted, given my large amounts of medical training (Red Cross First Aid and Adv. First Aid; Brain surgery next!), EVERYONE is 'expectant' in my book, it's just a matter of when

        P.S. I enjoy reading this medical forum, and I can get away with it while at work (talking about saving people doesn't scare the fellow cube-rats like talking about my AR)


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          <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>In an SHTF/Mini-SHTF scenario, you are most likely to be among your friends and family. I don't see how I could not do EVERYTHING in my power to help my friends and family, regardless of their combat potential.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

          Friends are firefighters/EMT's/Paramedics or they are shooters. My kids all can shoot! All 3 sons have been in the military, 2 are still in, career. One of them was an airborne medic (Desert Storm/Shield and Central America) and is now a Navy RN. His wife was an army Medic. My daughter wants a new shotgun for her birthday and is an EMT. My wife and I are both Paramedics. If TSHTF I want my kids to come home.


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            Dang, Firemedic. You're lucky! My two stepkids are both slugs and will probably
            turn me in for any reward they can get. If I bug out I will be taking my wife and my dog out of state- hopefully leaving nothing behind for the ungrateful.
            Place I will be going has a doctor, dentist, nurses, and I was a medical service corp officer when I was in. We should be useful if we can hold what we got.
            incoming rounds have the right of way.


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              Ya know this "SHTF" is such a generalized topic, there is no one definition.
              Most of the people on AW General Discussion seem to think "SHTF" is a revolution.
              The people verses the Government. Thats completely different than an attack by a enemy power, or a major disaster.
              Look what happened to our economy after 911, now think what would have happened if it had been a backpack Nuke instead of airplanes.
              How about a bio attack in a major airport.
              The answer in most of these cases is not isolation, but unification. Humans survived 100,000 years ago because we united into tribes, it would be the same now. Unification and focus of our strengths is what will save us, and that has to start at the local level. Now its fine if 30-40 of you isolate yourselves in time of need, but don't ever count on help from the local people/government if the time comes that you need help. Remember it will be the local governments that will gain access to extended assistance from the Immunizations, medicines, ECT. Oh we keep some emergency provisions, but our focus will be in our community. We're both medical professionals and we couldn't abandon our community in time of great need.
              I do feel that the big cities will be in great distress though, wouldn't want to be there.
              Peter 5:8
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