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lets see some blades fellas !

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    Vegas Henchman, I think you have just given me a perfect solution to my dislike of G10 scales.

    Again, as above, are these items you would be happy to make for another ? I'm particularly interested in a set of grips for my BM AFCK 806D2S, and a future purchase for a Strider SnG with the larger pivot.


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      well I have do a few scale mods for people though I have a love / hate issue with CF. I love the way it looks , I hate sanding that stuff. I am in search of some CF now to make scales for a Persian as well as a Titanium backspacer . I will post back if I can find some cheap. Feel free to email me at so I can keep you informed when I get some CF in .

      If I can buy it cheap it makes the scales much more afforable.

      Never scaled a BM yet but it should be doable. Axis lock right ?

      SnG's are cool. Never thought about doing CF on one. The hard part about the SnG is the original G10 scale has the backspacer attached to it.
      So this leaves to choices .
      1. Try to release the adhesive to pop the spacer off ( very risky , though Mick Strider assures me it is fairly easy ).
      2. make a new backspacer ( this is the part of my TI SnG scale project that is driving me nuts.
      I have tried some 3/16 CF as well as TI , nothing that I am happy with yet.


      Wouldnt that CqC7 look rocking with TI scales like me Commander ?

      FYI : The USN logo inside the karambit is just the logo shrunk down and printed on a Laser Printer and slid between the scales


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        Are you Gman on the USN? If so I have already been in contact. Though at the pricing I have to wait. I might have to try it myself. If you are not Gman, shoot me your price break down on the handles and the spacer. Ti, looks kewl, but is not essential. TIA


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          I go by my name on USN :

          John T Wylie Jr.

          I don't really have pricing info... shoot me an email , I see you are already working on the CF scales. Lemme know if you need something in a backspacer....TI or Aluminum.