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lets see some blades fellas !

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  • lets see some blades fellas !

    Here are a couple I made new scales for an also added backspacers too :

    Emerson Karambit - added Silver twill G10 scales and full Aluminum backspacer .

    left to right :
    Emerson Mini Commander with CF scales and full backspacer , Emerson Psark with CF scales and full backspacer, Emerson 2000 Commander with CF scales and full spacer , On top .. Emerson Karambit with CF scales and full spacer.

    Carbon Fiber is nasty stuff to work with...but worth it in the end.

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    Finally picked up box from TKS, so hopefully I'll have some customized Khuks sometime. friend's wedding is tomorrow(well, later today) though, so won't be till next week at earliest, probably.


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      Great lookin knives, didnt know anyone else from the USN was here. Anybody else wanna poke thier heads out...


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        Us Suspects are everywhere....

        Am I the only one here that enjoys a good blade to go with my firearms ??

        Weiland Framelock Commander Conversion


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          Was going to post some pix but I decided to post the link instead,
          I know some of you have seen `em before and I really do have lots of new pix to add but I can never seem to find the time...someday real soon I`m going to re-do the whole page.


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            Strider BT-TS-SS and a Benchmade 942. I've also got a Buck-Strider Solution, and some Emerson products... And as you can see, I do like the flashlights too I'll post more pics as soon as my camera gets returned.



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              Y'all have already seen everything I've ever finished. and being as I'm generally home just long enough to sleep and check email lately, doesn't look like anything else will get posted anytime soon. But sure wanna see more pics from y'all. I know there are others out there with knives, or even better, who've made or customized knives.


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                recent trip to Phoenix ( Chandler ) allowed me to meet up with some fellow forum members from the USN forum . Hooked up at Hooters for a blade show n tell .

                Brandee with Simonich Raven Custom

                Brandee sportin a pair of Karambits .
                Emerson and a Ferret Karambit... what a nice pair !


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                  i think i swallowed my gum.


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                    Nice blades!I bet the manager was sweating until you paid the tab,coulda gotten outta there fairly cheaply if you know what I mean.By the way,Vegas Henchman,next time you do this could you um...invite me ...please....
                    I dont know about you all but I`ve got new wallpaper for my `puter...
                    Nice pix everyone and this thread will definately find it`s way into the archives.


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                      Bossman , where are you located at ?
                      I will keep you in mind for our next gathering if you are in AZ . The people at Hooters were so cool with all the knives on the tables , though we did ask first . Seems allot of the girls liked the knives.

                      and a few items I scored while in AZ :


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                        I am a suspect as well (mercop). Where are you guy hosting your pics these days. Today while on patrol I was carrying the following-
                        Spyderco Endure
                        CRKT M16 MIL
                        Strider Tac GB #58
                        Emerson Commander
                        Cold Steel Safekeeper


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                          well hey there Mercop.. John T Wylie Jr here .

                          I have the 3 meg cable modem so I get 70 megs of webspace .
                          Today I carried :
                          Neck : Simonich Bitteroot
                          Left side : Emerson Karambit
                          Right side : Tighe Stick
                          Right side lower leg pocket : 2000 Commander
                          Back right pocket : 2003 Mini Comm

                          right hip : Colt 1991A1 Compact.


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                            what is this one called. i like it


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                              Best bet says a Benchmade 940, which is a custom collaboration with Warren Osborne. Has Benchmade Axis lock design, Warren's reverse tanto, and the Benchmade BT2 finish on a plain edge blade.

                              8 variations on this blade, plain edge vs. partially serrated, satin vs. bt2 finish, and black vs. green handles(942 vs. 940). Model # for this particular one is: BM-940BT

                              Will run you about $142 plus shipping if you want one.