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No Stock on AK = Legal ?

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    Those bullpup kits for AKs don't add much or any length to the gun without the stock. I remember the Chinese bullpups were not that long either. And in the AR15 world, you could take the stock off the Professional Ordance rifles, and still fire it, although the buffer tube added to the length. As to weather it is still a rifle without any stock, well, what if it had a front grip as well? That is a no no on a handgun...but the bbl. would still be rifle length. I doubt just taking the stock off of a rifle would make it an AOW. Interesting stuff...



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      I love laws that you have no way of knowing if you are breaking them or not !!


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        I am going to call the BATF today and try to get an answer. I will post whatever answer I get.


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          Here are the results of my call to the BATF.

          I spoke with Inspector Devon Stokes at the BATF's office of Industry Operations (614-827-8470).
          I asked her the following questions:

          Is it lawful to add a folding or collapsible stock to an AK sporting rifle?
          She said that since it had a detachable magazine, etc. that such stock would make it an assault weapon.

          Is it lawful to take the rear stock completely off and use it without the rear stock?
          She said there is no restriction to taking the stock off and it wound NOT be considered an assault weapon if the barrel remained 16" and the overall length was 26" or longer.

          At what point does a rifle, when altered, become a pistol?
          She said that it must be able to be fired by one hand. It also may not have a detachable magazine and barrel shroud combination. And it must weigh less than 50 ounces unloaded in order for it to be considered a pistol.

          She also said another source of information would be the Firearms Technology Bureau (304-260-3414.
          She noted that these will all be moot points if the Assault Weapons Ban sunsets September 13th.
          Inspector Stokes was both, polite and helpful and gave me permission to use her name in this post.

          Moderators, please Archive this discussion for future reference. Thank you!

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            Originally posted by Shomer:
            Moderators, please Archive this discussion for future reference. Thank you!
            Glad to hear that you got a good BATFE rep. Some of them are pretty cool from what I hear... of course they probably weren't the ones at Waco and Ruby ridge either.. but thats anotehr topic

            I'll archive this once it scrolls down the page, if I do it now, it will disappear instantly.


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                Good information, indeed.

                Thank you for making the phone call to the BATF, bud. The facts learned will be a good resource for our members.

                I will let the thread run for a bit more and then I will archive it.