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    Originally posted by weevil:
    No .22s???
    I always thought owning a .22 was some sort of requirement,
    for all gun-owners!
    It IS a requirement.

    FreightTrain has just relegated himself to 'wannabe' status.

    Train I'm sorry, but you absolutely MUST head out to a show and rectify the matter at once.


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      [quote]Originally posted by Ought Six:
      There is no reason to own a .25acp.
      I own a small Colt 25. Its about the last thing I carry as a defensive firearm, but there are times when I literally cannot carry anything bigger, based on where I am going, what I am wearing, etc, that I have readily available in my available selection of firearms.
      Yeah, the round has limitations. Shooting COM into soft tissue rather than into a hardened area like the skull is the order of the day.


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        Originally posted by Rule 303:
        BTW-Ms. Jones was given ten years probation for misdemeanor murder ...

        Rule 303
        Is that even possible? HAHAHAHA


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          "misdemeanor murder" sounds like "slightly pregnant". Just doesn't sound right.


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            In 1993 S.C. trooper Mark Coats shot a suspect 6 times center mass with a 357 using 38+p loads. Suspect shot trooper Coats one time under his left arm over his vest with a round from a 25. Trooper Coats died within minutes. So a 25 can be deadly. I have yet to see a man stand down range and let someone fire a 25 at him. So no matter how much someone talks about how little the stopping power of a 25 is it is still in the back of there mind that it might just stop them.


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              I read of where a man came home to a holiday party & thought he saw a friend hitting on his wife. He was despondant to begin with, and this pushed him over the top. He went into the bedroom & shot himself in the head with a .25 ACP. It knocked him out, but he came to, put a bandaid over the small hole in the side of his head & rejoined the party. All went well & his wife wasn't flirting after all. They later went to bed, and he was found dead the next morning of a bullet induced brain hemmorage.

              In another instance, a man and woman were found dead inside a car. The man had apparently tried to carjack her using a knife. She shot him several times with the trusty .25, but he managed to carve her up with the knife before he died.

              Anything can be a manstopper - just depends on how patiently you can wait for the 'stop' to take effect.


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                ".25 Auto, better than fingernails" would make a good cynical Tee-shirt.

                Good one


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                  THE NIGHT one of our officers was killed, he walked in and suprised a robber in a store, he hadn't heard the call of a silent alarm at the place, as he drew and pointed his gun, the BG shot him in the right elbow with a .22. the bullet traveled the length of the arm, entered through the armpit then hit the heart.
                  One of the responding officers saw the shooting, and opened up with his Model 10 from outside the store. It took 3 rounds of .38 158grRN before he broke a big enough hole in the plate glass to hit the BG twice with .38s
                  BG went to prison for life. Officer died before getting to hospital.
                  after that the dept started issuing .357s

                  Had another buddy of mine getting beat up by a LARGE brother who threw him to the pavement then came out with a razor. Mike shot him with a 158grRn .38 in the forehead. Bullet knocked him out, bullet went between skull and scalp to rest in the back of the head. At the hospital they put a bandaid on the front and back and shipped the guy to the jail.

                  Two of our guys caught a B&E in progress, as BG was running towards fence he turned with a gun, officer shot him with a .38 through right side. guy starts climbing a 7 foot fence, as officer with the .38 grabs his legs and gets kicked off because he took a boot in the face. BG gets over the fence and runs the alley.(now remember, he has already been shot through teh ribs) The other officer comes up and shoots, he has a .44mag. Catches BG in right arm, spins him like a top and drops him to the ground. took about 5" of bone from his arm and blew it out into the alley.

                  Another shooting in a next door jurisdiciton, the officer shot a guy 5 times inside the 8 ring at a domestic call. The shooting took place on the house porch. The BG walks back into the house. Lays down for 20 minutes while teh SWAT team is being gathered, then he decides it hurts(?) and he should get help. Walks out and gives up.

                  Out of the thousand+ shootings I have investigated, probably 1/3 involved .22s and .25s Sometimes they dropped on the spot, sometimes they were storming around REALLY PI&&ED swearing great bodily harm on the people who shot them.

                  over the years, the ONLY reliable handgun stoppers I EVER saw were calibers that began with .4 Didn't kill everybody, just that the bigger bullets seem to take the fight out faster. Never saw anyone shot with s .4+ stomping around, they just laid there.
                  AT one time I did... unbelievable things for this country without question, because it was my country and right. NOW, my country, that country, no longer exists and I now I feel I am the Philip Nolan of my age.
                  God carries a 1911.
                  Just another day towards 20...


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                    Catches BG in right arm, spins him like a top and drops him to the ground. took about 5" of bone from his arm and blew it out into the alley.

                    The other thing I notice is that two of the stories here are of LEOs shot in the arm or shoulder where their Kevlar doesn't go. Sounds like some type of arm armor would be a good investment.


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                      Remember this