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COSMOLINE!!!! super thick on my SKS--help!

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    I used an Ultra Steam Shark to get the comsmo off rifles before, and it worked pretty well.


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      You think washing a rifle off at a car wash is bad, Back in the mid 80's I purchased five of the chinese SKS for dirt cheap prices(the good old days) and several cases of chinese ammo and went to shoot them with out a good cleaning and caught one on fire. It was the middle of August and hot as HELL I was blasting away with the first one and after about three magazines puff it was on fire. The bad thing was there was no water or mud hole aroung to throw it in. All I had was a cooler full sodas. So I started opening the sodas and pouring them on the flaming SKS, after about three of them it was out. From that moment on I clean them as good as I can before a shooting sesion.