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Cool I met kalashnikov at the shot show

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  • Cool I met kalashnikov at the shot show

    Ok so I'm one happy gun nut now.

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    now that is cool. did you ask about 7.62 vs 5.45?

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        Originally posted by Guero2:
        now that is cool. did you ask about 7.62 vs 5.45?
        Yeah, that would settle the argument once and for all.


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          We're not worthy, we're not worthy!!! So how was he? Is he a decent guy? Did you tell him how much we like his creation? Inquiring minds want to know!



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            I take it that 'Natasha' is his interpreter, and more importantly is she related to him and is she single?

            Think about it all you single guys, would Mr. K make a great father in law or what?


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              Great pic. Thanks for posting it on the forum.

              At your request, I am willing to archive it for you in the AK/SKS archives.

              BTW: Kalashnikov was born on November 10th, 1919.

              When was this photo taken?


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                We're not worthy, we're not worthy
                Wow, celebrity status with only 13 posts

                Were you there as a part of the F.A.T. entourage? Are you going to this weekend's MG shoot? (I heard Israeli FALs are banned, so it should be safe [img]tongue.gif[/img] )



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                  I think they asked him on Tales of the Gun and He did not like the new 5.45, He thought it was a poor move, motivated by the need to copy the americans after vietnam.


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                    The picture was taken at the shot show in orlando
                    florida on feb 15 2003.
                    yes Natasha is his interpreter.
                    we can only pray she is single.
                    no I did not ask about the 5.45 vs 7.62 ?
                    other members were there and may have asked.
                    he was very nice gave every one a photo op and answered questions. he was there on behalf of boker knives. They have a new ak47 line of knives and a watch. he's making money for the endorsement.
                    got to love capitalism.

                    geting to meet Saint Mikhail of the first church of the assult rifle was very cool.

                    Yea I'm part of the F.A.T. crew.
                    Were going to the machine gun shoot this weekend but I may go over and work the gun show in pinellas park so I may not go.

                    Dam blow up one FAL and next thing you know people are making coments about you all over the web.
                    You can find F.A.T. at
                    If you want more info about the M.G. shoot go to

                    mike 1 if you want you can archive it.

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                      ok here is one of Natasha.

                      The guy that wrote the the piece about the ak47 in gun digest gave him a copy.

                      [ 20. February 2003, 00:39: Message edited by: pyropuppy ]


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                        did you get us some of his "tie-tacks"


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                          pyropuppy, did ya'll ever figgure out what caused that FAL to KB on you?



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                            that is just way too cool. would have loved to be there!

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                              Yes, I'll be happy to archive the pics for you. Those are definitely "keepers."

                              I will wait a few more days for folks to read and reply to your active thread here in our forum, then I'll transfer the thread to the archives.

                              Note: The new AW dot net software automatically closes the thread when it is archived. That is the reason why I will wait a few more days, as a coutesy to our AK/SKS members.