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  • (GD) Why your username?

    Seems every one has a colorful Username on the web. So I was wondering what was the story behind YOUR name?

    I'll go first, "Saxe Coburg" is my family's old German house name. I go by this name often on and off the web. OK, your turn.

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    look through the archives, this came up about....i'd say a few weeks ago. Should still be in there.

    I looked, couldnt find it, maybe a MOD can pull it up.

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    But if you can't find it, i don't mind going a seconf round. Grimace is my overall outlook of the future, and is also the name of two items i owned in high school, wich were puprle, and held water (i will leave it at that) and i really think the Purple Mc Donalds thing/creature is cool. LOL

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      The first part -- I have no clue *wink*

      As far as the 2nd, my name is Sterling so...


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        Ya, I believe Grant did this topic already.

        Anyway, I play on the Offensive line on my high school football team. I would of picked "Grant" but was about 2 weeks too late.


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          My "nome d'plume" for years..My first name + my character


          Remember..the man who wants to take your guns is your ENEMY!

          "Those who beat their guns into plows will plow for those who didn't"


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            The previous thread got so long that it ate the old server....or was at least trying to do so.

            We had to kill it before it took over the entire world. Or at least AW.Net's corner of the world.

            But we shouldn't have that problem now, so post away, people. Once everyone gets their entries down and it moves back a page or so, I'll archive it. So, this is your chance to show your true colors for the record.

            Just imagine what web historians will make of it in a hundred years or so!

            Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.


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              To make people ask why I picked it and what it means.... which is nothing.

              It isn't a word.

              This came from what we called the German stick grenades as kids before we knew the real name.

              I thought of shortening it, but like to see if people can respell it when they respond to my posts.


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                Grant....its my name. I wanted to pick O Line but I didnt play football.


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                  Originally posted by Grant:
                  Grant....its my name. I wanted to pick O Line but I didnt play football.
                  haha. That is really funny. We can't all be like me.


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                    F2 was my call sign. I retired, hence XF2


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                      JJ are initials.

                      Hiryuu is Japanese for flying dragon.

                      This is because:

                      1. I'm a geek and play Dungeons and Dragons

                      2. I'm still a geek and watch Japanese Anime.


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                          FOE HAMMER is a weapon from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.Ilove that story,I`ve read them all 4 times in my life time.


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                            I drift through life.

                            I like to drift fish.

                            I liked the early sixties pop group the Drifters.


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                              Been called Mr Mitch by kids for years. Tried to log it somewhere long ago and was told it was already in use. Since I feel I had it first (I'm 60) I decided I was THE Mr Mitch--thus TheMrMitch!

                              Kentucky Proud! Been there, done that! The sheeple WILL flock to the protectors' fold in time of need. I am a protector.

                              I own "Homeland Defense Rifles." Ya got that?

                              Eighty-Six MILLION legally armed Americans caused NO harm yesterday.
                              Youth And Brawn Are No Match For Age And Treachery.
                              I'm Old And May Not Fight. I'll Shoot Instead.

                              USMC 1959/1963