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    Originally posted by Ed Stirling:
    That the job of those IN power keep the cost of revolt against their rule higher than the cost of living under it. IF at any time, the people perceive that the cost of revolt has become less..there WILL BE a revolt. Ergo..gun control, travel restrictions, high taxes, welfare...wh is nothing but buying obedience to .gov. All these are designed to keep the cost of revolt high...

    Blueprint, Cpileri, Misanthrope, ALL GREAT.

    In one of my "Nantucket" books, the evil father is lecturing his son on how an ancient Chinese Emperor lost his Empire.

    "The Emperor's Justice department was greatly feared because the pretty much had one penalty for almost every offense, DEATH. One day some peasants who had been called up for military service were sitting beside the road. One peasant observed that they were going to be late reporting in.
    "What's the penalty for reporting in late?"
    "What's the penalty for revolution?"
    "Well guess what?, WERE LATE!!!"

    TPTB are trying to take us right up to the edge without pushing us over.


    On one of the boards, someone has a Signature line from a song.
    IIRC "When they call you out are you coming with your hands on your guns or your hands on your head??" or words to that effect.


    From "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" by Robert A. Heinlein

    "Revolution is a science only a few are competent to practice. It depends on correct ortganizaion and, above all, communications. Then, at the proper moment in history, they strike. Correctly organized AND properly timed it is a bloodless coup. Done clumsily OR prematurely and the result is civil war, mob violence, purges, terror."


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      Sir, I have read many of your posts and have enoyed all. Once I was extremely impressed by one of your "diatribes" and responded to you that someday I would consider it an honor to buy you a steak the size of a car door (although I cannot remember what it was about, I can only remember being quite impressed and agreeing with you wholeheartedly). I figgered that I had seen the most sensible, eloquent, and courageous post that I would ever witness. ALAS!!!! I was wrong. This one has to be unbeatable. Were I in a position to do so, I would require it to be read into the record of the next opening congress and each and every one thereafter. Well done and well said sir!!!



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        Originally posted by Kadric:
        You will be allowed 100lbs of personal effects plus the ship will carry supplies to start gardens once you arrive.
        Oh hell yeah I'd go.

        But I'd have to lighten my GOOD ruck to meet the weight limit. Sigh...


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          Originally posted by BOOKWORM:
          HERE IS THE WORD
          bold and CAPS added by me.

          This is from a very rare book written in 1978 by a Conservative Money Think-Tank

          "How to Survive and Prosper in the next American Depression, War, or Revolution"
          From Library of Congress:

          LC Control Number: 81101442
          Type of Material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)
          Brief Description: How to survive & prosper in the next American depression, war, or revolution.
          Phoenix, Ariz. : Financial Management Associates, c1978. xvi, 510 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.

          The link:

          two available for purchase (used)