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    First gun was a single shot .410 at the ripe age of 8, then on my 10th birthday I got a double barrel 16 ga. (Stevens model 311). I still have th .410 it was my grandads, then my dads, and now I shall pass it on to my daughters.

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      My first long gun was a Browning 22 lever action.

      My first handgun was a Colt 22 Woodsman Match Target.

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        Remington Mohawk Nylon 66 with the detachable 10-rd magazine. Should have kept it for the sake of memories, but alas it didn't like CCI Stinger and in a fit of poor finances I sold it some few years later.


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          First gun I recieved was a Browning BPS 12 gauge when I was 12.

          First gun I bought myself was an SAR 1.

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            You hard core guys will love this one....
            My first gun that I bought was only 2months after my 18th B-day and it was a preban NORINCO underfolder AK-47 from Woolworths in the Maine Mall in Maine...
            Ahhh the feeling of walking throught the mall with a AK-47 and a box(20rds) of ammo.........


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              My first gun was a "Sears & Roebuck Ted Williams" bolt-action single-shoot .22LR, that you have to cock before firing. It was given to me by parents while I was in high school.
              First one I bought was a S&W 6906 9mm pistol. First rifle I bought was a Norinco MAK-90 Sporter. First shotgun: Mossberg 590 with full-length mag tube and 'marine-coat' finish.
              I still have all 3.


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                My first rifle was a Diana md#34, hey dont laugh that sucker would knock a rabbit a** over tea kettle at 50 yds.
                My first pistol was a Colt frontier scout .22 complete with fancy black cowboy rig.

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                  7 years old, Savage .410 single barrel. Dad cut the stock down so the length of pull fit. I still have it.

                  First rifle was an M1 carbine. I carried it deer hunting. Never killed a deer though. I must have shot at 25 or so.

                  Killed my first deer at 11 with a bolt action M77 in .243. One week later, I got 2 more with a 1100 20 ga.

                  Only hunt now for the meat. I was fortunate enough to have a father whom taught firearm safety and carried my brother and I hunting.


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                    First Gun I bought was a Springfield 1911 A1. Sep 2002

                    First Gun That was handed down from hand to hand (none) they were in the attic, a Webley .455, an Enfield ,303, and a Garand .30-06, they used to belong to my gran-dad. August 2002

                    First Gun i ever took was a MAT 49. February 1967

                    First Gun that was ever given to me was a M-14. January 1964


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                      First: FN Concours .22lr pistol (Secondhand)
                      Second: CZ75b pistol (new)
                      Third: .30M1 Winchester carbine (sold it last year)
                      Fourth: StG58 bought it almost brand new
                      Fifth: Oly Arms carbine AR15 (bought it new)

                      Now I'm in the market for.....don't know it yet...thinking about a blackpowder rifle....45-70....


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                        The first longarm I ever bought in my own name was a Winchester 94 in .30-30 in 1979; first handgun was a Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special in 1983; wish I still had them.

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                          The first I bought was a Rem. mod 66


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                            My first handgun was a SIG 239 and my first rifle was an AR15 that I built from a Century lower and Bushmaster upper.I'm kind of starting backwards.I just got a shotgun and now need a .22 rifle and revolver for the wife to shoot.


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                              First handgun I owned was a .357 wheel gun. Huge thing and my exhusband traded it for something he wanted (hmmm).

                              Right after my divorce I found a sporterized Enfield. When I moved back home and left my weapons behind I found it was still in mom's closet.

                              It got me started on the gun collecting. I now have a safe overfilled with rifles and a few handguns.

                              Favorite handgun - the Beretta 92F I bought from my father who got it new in 1984 and had put less than 100 rounds through it when he sold it to me.

                              Best investment I ever made.

                              Now I seem to collect 03's and 03A3's. Got 3 of them and 4 Enfields along with a variety of other rifles both bolt action and semi's.


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                                First Rifle Model 60 Marlin at 14, my brother did the paper work.
                                First shotgun Mossberg 385KB at 16, my mother did the paper work.
                                First pistol Raven .25, the day I turned 21.

                                Never had one given to me paid for them my self.