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(GD) Who was your first......?

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  • (GD) Who was your first......?

    HA HA! Dirty minds you guys have, What i meant was....what was the first gun you ever bought? Or, if the case, the first Gun you ever inherited, and when?

    Just curious, it kinda popped in my head. I thought about how *many* (keyword) i own, then i thought.....where did it all begin?

    For, My first rifle was an SAR-1 i bought when i was 19, then my first pistol @ 21 was a Glock model 23.

    So.........who was your first? When?

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    My first rifle was a Marlin modle 60 that I bought in 1978.My first pistol was a Colt Goverment Model series 80 in .380,I bought it in 1989.I still carry the little Colt .


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      The first gun I ever bought myself was a Ruger 10/22 at K-mart at 19.

      My first pistol a S.A. ultra compact 1911 .45, will be in my hands in a few short days.

      I can't wait!

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        The first rifle I ever bought was a Charter Arms AR-7. Man I tricked out that poor little .22 to within an inch of it's life! I had the stock set with the vented barrel shroud, pistol grip, 30 round banna mags and the scope mount! Hey, I was 18 and it looked cool. Came in handy once too. I had a job at a gas station and was working on my car in the service bay one night. I used to keep the AR-7 in a case in the trunk. I heard some guy talking loud in the front so I opened up the trunk and looked over to the register. This guy was waving a knife at my coworker demanding money. My coworker smiled at the guy and pointed out to the service bay. I was standing there with the rifle in front of my face screwing the barrel on with the 'nana mag in place. The guy dropped the knife and ran! It was a cheap knife after all that.
        My first handgun was an Astra A-90.

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          Sig P-228 9mm. My Grandmother got it for my birthday. German things are hot!

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            My very first was a 10/22 for Christmas when I was 16. The first I bought myself was a Ruger P-90. After I graduated and got out of the dorms, I got a 45 and a CCW as soon as I could save enough from a few paychecks.


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              Stevens 20 ga. single shot...$20 dollars. A LOT in 1956.

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                My first rifle was a Springfield 22 single shot.I got it as a gift from an uncle when I was 13.

                Now its my son's first gun at age 9.

                My first pistol was a Beretta M-9.US Army age 17.But the first one I bought myself was a Glock 17.The old slipery grip Glock.But that was a buncha guns ago!

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                  My first that I bought was a Ruger New Model Black Hawk in .357 mag with the extra cylinder in 9mm.


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                    Colt Woodsman, traded 2 cords of split oak
                    for it and a brick of ammo. I was in high cotton, mid 70's.

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                      My first longarm was a Stevens 69RXLS riot gun. The first rifle I bought was an Iver Johnson M1Carbine. First pistol was a Colt Officer's Model.


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                        Originally posted by FOE HAMMER:
                        My first rifle was a Marlin modle 60 .
                        That was the first rifle My father bought for me. I am only 16 so I can't buy any firearms yet. I am getting an Remington 870 in a few days. I will eventually inherit both firearms.


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                          My first rifle was a Mosin-Nagant M44 carbine. I love that rifle.

                          My first pistol was a CZ52.


                          I need to go shooting.


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                            My first rifle was a Ruger PC9. Nice little carbine, but it was sacrificed for the my favorite rifle, an AR15. Bought the PC9 about...boy, 2 or 3 years ago, now, I think.

                            First pistol was a Ruger P89. Still have that, but I'm looking to trade up somewhere and get a better model.

                            Due to wife issues, I'm allowed to have 2 guns. That's why the trade ups.

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                              In 1960 at the ripe age of 15 I purchased a NIW, M1 Garand, manufactured by Springfield from Sears & Roebuck. At that time you could get M1 Garands or M1 Carbines, brand new surplus for $99.00.
                              Not really my first, but the one that made me a lifetime collector of fine military and domestic firearmes.