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Old May 23rd, 2015, 12:06
wb2001 wb2001 is offline
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Default Ammo sales to be "Eye to Eye"

This is the 2nd attempt to halt bulk ammo sales. The last was in the 2013 session.
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Old July 3rd, 2015, 23:10
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Default Re: Ammo sales to be "Eye to Eye"

How is that going to prevent anyone from going crazy?

I walked into Wally World one day last week, and bought 6 boxes of ammo. (4 each 50 round boxes of ZP1 9mm in 123g, and two boxes of .38 Special.) I paid cash.

Nobody asked me for any ID or anything. But it wasn't an "Internet" purchase, so I guess I couldn't go out and massacre anyone with 300 rounds of handgun ammo, since I didn't buy it on the 'net, right?


Just for the record, I don't have any plans to go massacre anyone, but it could be noted that I didn't do it with the last multiple-thousand round orders of a few calibers that I placed on line, either.

Psycho types are gonna go Psycho. The rest of us, not so much, but we seem to be the ones who are always blamed for fools, idiots, and over-drugged crazies.

We can stop drunk drivers by preventing sober folks from buying cars, too, right?

Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.
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Old July 4th, 2015, 19:09
Cuznguido Cuznguido is offline
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Default Re: Ammo sales to be "Eye to Eye"

Looking for logic in some things will slowly but surely drive you nuts. Ya never know, that might be what will drive you over the edge. That happens in the middle of a target-rich environment.........well, you know the rest.
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Old March 18th, 2017, 04:52
noname762 noname762 is offline
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Icon36 Re: Ammo sales to be "Eye to Eye"

So I click the link. Why am I not surprised to see it sponsored by a knucklehead from that pearl of freedom New Jersey. Why am I not surprised?
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As of 12-25-2017 most/all spelling booboos are due to me still getting the hang of this gaming laptop which ain't got a Mouse like I been use to since 2000 when I got my very 1st 'puter.

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