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Old November 13th, 2017, 23:30
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Default Ask the experts?

Or at least people that know people!

Ok I'm not a techno toy guy. I can use scopes sort of (fixed optics) zooming around isn't my thing.

Worst of all I'm a tightwad but not cheap, I will pay for quality if I have to.

Here is my question:

Starlite, FLIR or NV gen II?

I don't want to spend over 2K and don't mind getting an off brand just as long as it will work. I have zero exposure to any of the above other than youtube videos. It appears the expensive models have stuff I will never use. (Zoom, color change patterns, range finders and illuminators)

I don't own a weapon with rails (I hate attaching things to my firearms except a knife) I wouldn't even think of sticking a light on them, so getting one of these things will be new to me and I don't like change.

I'm not looking for anybody to make fun of me, I honestly don't know much about it and won't be looking for an assault thingie or tacti-tool gizmo. The thing I am looking for is an edge over the random thug or if I want to earn money getting pest pelts/stink pork.

My hope is these things have a long shelf/usage life and I will see a return on investment. Otherwise getting tech really doesn't make sense so talk me through this.
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