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Default Re: Strike anywhere kitchen matches, banned?

Originally Posted by Black Pete View Post
Does anyone actually use wooden matches anymore when they have butain matches?
I don't know what I'd do with any of them. I've probably got at least 250 of those disposable butane lighters in a box at home, and the pile keeps growing. They give me one every time I buy a carton of smokes, and I don't use them. I've got a Zippo.

I've got a half-dozen of those butane ones in every BOB, Range bag, vehicle, and whatnot that I own, and they seem to hold up pretty good. I dug some out of the old Ranger when I sold it this summer that I know had been in there since at least 2001 or 2002, and they still worked.

I have got a box of those big wooden kitchen matches on a shelf in the kitchen, but I'm not sure they even would work any more, because I'm sure that they are at least 25 years old.
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