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there is suprizingly little differance in penetration (of sheetmetal) for all the rounds discussed above , with leadcore bullets . steel JACKETED leadcore bullets provide no penetration benifit except the sparks generated by stripped off grindings , on impact .

mildsteel CORE ammunition is another story altogether , giveing superior sheetmetal/cinderblock penetration especialy at longer ranges but , no further advantage against other softer materials like wood , sand(bags) , dirt . mildsteel core ammo is common in both 762x54r and 8mm sS but not common to the others .

i have to agree that most 8mm surplus is of higher quality than 762x54r and the mauser generally a higher quality weapon , especialy where the safety of the shooter(head separation / gas bleedoff) is concerned . however , i have yet to hear of a shooter injury due to an 1891 .

the differances in trajectory and effect , on an unprotected human adversary , out to "one shot , one kill" range are not worth argueing over . all of those rounds yaw only after 6" or more of point-first penetration (tested at very close range) provided they hit sufficiant wetmass to cause any yaw at all .
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