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The 8mm (7.92x57, 7.92x57JS, 8x57mm Mauser) was adopted in 1905 and compares to the 30-06 ballisticly.

The 7.62x54R goes back to 1891 and ballisticly falls between the 7.62x51 NATO/.308 WIN and the 30-06.

Either will take targets out to 600 yards without a problem and to 800 yards with some effort on you part.

Your consideration should be on the weapon itself and not the round. While the Russian/Finn Mosin Nagant rifles are plentyful and cheap. The strongest action is the Mauser K-98. Having owned and shot both I lean towards the Mauser line as the better weapon.

The Mosins are rather sensitive towards ammo and some surplus ammo doesn't have tight specs on rim thickness and you get into "Hard Bolt" syndrome. The bolt being hard to close or open and at times can require a mallet to open the bolt on a fired round. My Finn capture M-39 is very ammo sensitive.

With the 8mm Mauser I've never had this problem and have only heard about 8mm surplus ammo being better (More accurate or dirtier than another). I never should have sold the K-98 I had years ago. YMMV
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