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Default Re: Confederate Coffee

I love fried okra. My Grandmother(1914-2006)that raised me used to pronounce everything with an "a" on the end as "ee", so "okra" is "okree" to me.


Let the plants (some over 6 ft. tall)stand all winter and when you break up your garden in the Spring, you'll swear okra plants could be used to build fortifications out of. Those are tough plants.

They'll also come up voluntary if you leave the stalks standing with pods on them till you break it up.

One year, I planted okra early when the ground was too cool, and it was barely coming up. When the soil warmed up real good I had a virtual carpet of okra seedlings sprouting from the previous season's pods and seeds I'd tilled into the ground. All I had to do then was run the cultivators on my '50 model Cub down the patch leaving rows and turning/covering all the rest that had came up on their own.

I used to plant 6 rows about 50' long, but that was way too much to keep cut...even giving all we could away after putting up all we wanted. I reduced that amount of planting to one or two rows. Here, if you keep it cut, it'll keep producing till October or more.
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