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First-Aid & Survival Kits

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  • First-Aid & Survival Kits

    If you could build your own, for personal use and to cover most situations you're likely to encounter short of sucking chest wounds and amputated limbs, what items would you include in each?

    I am thinking of putting my own together to carry in my hiking/BO bag. I think we can all agree that the store bought kits are bordering on overpriced crap.
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    Re: First-Aid &amp; Survival Kits

    Get ahold of Reasonable Rascal, He should have some good ideas for you. I looked at a bunch of first aid kits for overlanding and made my own. Plus I keep a cheap walmart one available for band aids and everyday stuff.
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      Re: First-Aid &amp; Survival Kits

      What most people consider a standard first aid kit is a good basic start but they need quite a few other things to be really comprehensive. Antibiotic creams are a good thing but get three different kinds with different active ingredients. If one kind doesn't work, try another. Tampons are an absolute requirement. My grand daughter was at that age where she was starting to learn about feminine hygiene. I was going over one of my kits and she spotted the tampons. She looked at me all weird like and went to find Grandma to tell her "Grampa has tampons". That was when she learned other uses for them. The pressure point in a pressure bandage, bullet hole plugs, etc. Lots of bandages, gauze pads, tape, sutures, steri strips, bandaids, alcohol pads, saline for wound rinsing, burn salve, snake bite kit, anti histamine (Benadryl), splint straps, thermometer, etc. etc. etc. My "basic" home first aid kit is in three parts. I bought one of those huge fishing tackle boxes with the two little detachable boxes. The big box is packed with stuff. The two little ones are marked; Big booboos and Little booboos. My big first aid kit is in two foot lockers. Of course, all of our Get Us Home bags have kits in them too.

      As far as a survival kit: The contents depend on where you live. Take a look at Mazlow's Hierarchy. Food, water, air and shelter are all that's required for life. A fold up poncho, two or three foil blankets, fishing gear, snare gear, a good sheath knife and a good multi tool, water, food (look into life boat rations, etc. They don't require cooking) fire gear that includes matches, a fire starter, chemical tinder and a cotton cord for a fire bow, cord, extra socks, water tablets, a jacket, etc. etc. etc. Don't forget emotional survival! A photo of a loved one, a couple of packs of drink mix to spice up water, some hard candy, a deck of cards, etc.

      Remember two things: It's better to have and not need than to need and not have. What's between your ears will save your butt.


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        Re: First-Aid &amp; Survival Kits

        As long as you can carry it all.
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          Re: First-Aid &amp; Survival Kits

          Originally posted by Herr Walther View Post
          As long as you can carry it all.
          Yeah, there is that! My wife and I each have a Get Me Home Bag in our vehicles. I set them both up so we wear our survival kit. The pants are BDU style in neutral colors but have the pockets, which have small items in them. The foot gear is already broken in and includes several pairs of socks. Knee pads and shorty gloves for falls. A hat for shade. The tactical vest has a back pack attached which has a built in water bag. It's not the lightest set up but it is very comfortable. Yeah, we've both walked/hiked in it just to test it and to adjust out hard spots.

          One thing I forgot to mention for a survival kit, is a radio. I have an small all band Grundig radio in my kit. Also, a set of those small two way radios, Nimh batteries and a small solar battery charger that I built. It's pretty cool. It's all mounted on fabric so it rolls up small but will unroll to hang on the back of a pack while you're hiking.

          Another thing to consider, is visibility. Walking thru downtown Boston wearing camo BDU's, a booney hat and a tactical vest might attract negative attention!!! That's something that you'll have to consider for your personal case. In my case, our route out of town is thru a dry riverbed and then thru the desert for most of the way.


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            Re: First-Aid &amp; Survival Kits

            Also, only carry what you know how to use.