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I'm too old and clunky for computer problems

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  • I'm too old and clunky for computer problems

    I'm not sure what happened a few weeks back but this computer got all jacked up. I did what windows said to do which was clear cache and cookies, applied a patch but this unit was messed up bad.

    Do you know how hard it was to be unable to connect with you guys? I hated it! Me and technology do not see eye to eye and I was rather upset that the computer didn't have my login saved and I couldn't even get logged into my e-mail.

    I hate computers!

    Ok so I'm sorta back on but things don't look right and now I have the computer telling me my grammar stinks. I could have told anybody that's the case and well that is how I am. I don't know where this grammarly program came from or why when I view posts they are backassward but it will take me months to sort that out so here I am trying to deal with technology and just in case you missed it I hate technology.

    Glad to be back and I guess that I will need to frequent this forum more often assuming I don't get locked out of the computer and have problems conecting to the interwebs.
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    Re: I'm too old and clunky for computer problems

    What OS is on your computer?
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      Re: I'm too old and clunky for computer problems

      get fedora sir

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