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  • Wilderness Gathering UK

    I just returned from the Wilderness Gathering in West Noyle Wiltshire.

    Went there with few preconceptions as to what I should expect but came away impressed.

    There were quite a few hippy stands with the usual pikey trinkets, but there were also some really good stalls selling surplus kit and knives.

    I bought a case of 10x 24 hour ration packs for 50, and a whole load of other useful bits of kit for rock bottom prices.

    The best part of the Gathering is the Survival classes by some of the UK's most experienced Bushcraft and Survival instructors.

    The Primitive and Modern Traps and trapping class with Dryad Bushcraft was really interesting. The instructor demonstrated a range of traps which could be used to catch small game or adapted to Kill larger animals.

    Next year I will be staying the whole weekend for sure.

    Did anyone else go there this year?, and if so what did you think?

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    Not too many brits on this board, and the free europe section is like the grave. As for the post no i did not go, did not even knoe about it


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      Where the hell is everybody!!??. You know the feeling you get when you arrive a party and theres no one there. You know theres a big party going on somewhere but you just can't find it.

      On this basis I assume there is a forum for like minded Survivalists in the UK and Europe where people are hotly debating current issues, equipment, and strategies for the coming changes.

      On second thoughts perhaps we are the only ones over here.

      Whats your take on it all?. Have you made any good contacts anywhere?


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        I came to these boards while researching somthing else, found them interesting and hung around in the general discussion area. I dont know too much about being a survivalist, except I am pretty sure I can look after me and mine if tshtf. Their is a good mix of people here and you can learn as little or as much as you want. Some dont like anyone outside of their state never mind country, but they are few in number.
        This site is a good source of news and information and also humour and compassion.
        As for contacts, no fraid not. What part of the UK you reside in buckshot007?


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          Hi Metalbanger

          I live in Swansea South Wales? Often refered to as a pretty sh##y City if you've ever seen the film Twin Town. Its actually a great place with lots of Beaches close by, and a generally easy going population.

          I found the site as a link from another site. Great source of information, but it would be nice if there were more posts from Europe and the UK in particular. Its seems that even thinking about weapons is a crime here these days, so it is refreshing to communicate with others who share my interests.

          My interests are largely based on the whole Bushcraft and wilderness survival world, but I am also really interested in SHTF preparedness. My enthusiasm always increases when world events become more unsettled, as they are now.

          I think there are worse things to come, particularly a wide ranging economic collapse and failure of distribution and essential services. The result of a combination of factors. I hope my suspicions are unfounded but if I am right then I don't want to be caught with my pants down, so to speak.

          Other than this interest I am a pretty normal guy, self employed, girlfriend, social life etc. Just a bit more prepared than the average UK citizen.

          what about you?


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            Did see twin town and loved it, I am a news junkie and crave information on whatever is hot topic of the time. As for thshtf, I dont know what to think, the planet and its redidents have gone through alot of turmoil before and bounced back. That said I never say never, I have a 4x4, a bolt hole and a twelve bore all completety above board etc. I am very practical and believe I could overcome most problems. I certainly dont think my life would end without TV or air con.
            I too am self employed, as a ganger for a fencing contractors, have also worked as a blacksmith and in farming. I am married, play rugby and like a pint or two. I hope to hell the excrement doesnt whack the air whirler as my life is pretty good. Its good to see another UK bod here, welcome...


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              Hopefully we can kick some life into this section of the site. I have a few topics I wouldn't mind airing on the world wide web.

              So you worked as a blacksmith! Have you ever had a go at Knife making? Its a subject I am getting quite into, although I have yet to actually put my research into practice. I have a plan for a Finnish stlye Puuko when I eventually get around to doing it for real.

              My arsenal is also above board. I am a member of a small bore rifle club so I shoot .22 50 metres quite a bit. I also rough shoot Rabbits Pigeons etc so that gives my O/U a work out.

              Despite all the hardware on this site I think the most underrated defense option is the hunting Crossbow. 150lb draw weight Bows can be bought legally in the UK without any license. Can shoot a Bolt through a sheet of Half inch Ply at 50 metres and if the s##it really hits, you can make your own ammo.

              I bought a Barnett Rhino last year and its become one of my favourite toys. The only downside is the cost of new Bolts if you lose them as often as I do.


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                I stay away from the UK, as usual precaution,

                And yes, I think some crossbows are very cool. Expect them to be banned as well as guns in the UK....


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                  Europe is not a good place to be a survivalist, too damn hard to find like minded individuals...But still, there are a few of us, silent as we may be

                  Keep up the good work, gentleman !!
                  "Not all of them are terrorists"..."No, not all of them, but most of them are, and all it takes is most of them." -Eric Cartman


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                    calling yourself a survivalist in Europe is allmost the same as calling yourself, paranoid/rightwing extremist/criminal...etc

                    Keeping a low profile is allright with me.....if the sheeple is afraid of me, that's fine.....



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                      I hear what your saying.

                      There definately is a serious image problem associated with the term Survivalist, even if it is the most appropriate description.

                      Does anyone have a suggestion for a term that will not have such negative undertones.

                      What about Realists?


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                        life preservationist, I just aint saying whos


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                          Maybe a 'contingency planner'?

                          I am with you guys on a number of issues, and remember how survivalism was in the 1970s, with the real threat of nuclear war or race revolution. TSHTF was pretty meaningful then. It all went sour when our favourite survival guru passed away, and never even got to eat his freeze-dried pemmican stocks, never mind face down a swarm of cache-looters with an M14 or buy his way onto the last helo out with a bar of gold.

                          Did you read Lucifer's Hammer? The best survivalist novel ever.

                          My views now are rather different. I think the best survival preparedness is to be like the heroes of 911, ready with the plan and the links to work the plan with your fellow man. Rick Rescorla is perhaps the best example here.

                          You guys probably have a first aid ticket. Last time I did mine, I learned about the First Responder System, where people insitu at work or whereever get the first call if theere is a nearby heart attack call; they have the defibrillator and oxygen and training, and with cellphones, web-based map technology and GPS you can link the right person with the right problem in minutes.

                          Just imagine adding that to CCW, tiny digital cameras and sound recording. With training and a bit of communication the citizens become the first observers, witnesses and responders to bad ****. We are more than ever able to take the momentum and inititative away from the bad guys, whether in street gang intimidations, armed robberies or terror attacks.

                          This is about our communities, and with technology but above all the right training and attitude we are able to contribute more in a crisis. Look at New Orleans, and the contribution of the RIGHT individuals like this guy:

                          Tell me that is not real-life SHTF action!


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                            I am in complete agreement on your first point. The First Responder system is a brilliant idea. They have Defibrillators everywhere now, Supermarkets, schools the works. The newer models are so simple anyone can use them.

                            I have to be trained to a high standard of first aid for my job (Outdoor Pursuits Instructor) so I am all for anything that can improve the chances of a casualty recovering.

                            I do have plenty of reservations about the use of technology such as CCTV Cameras which will be used as a means of control by corrupt Gummint agencies.

                            Besides, in a real widespread SHTF situation technology is the first thing to fail.

                            Fair play to the guy in the link. Could show a few of us young guys a thing or 2 about having a go.


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                              Re: Wilderness Gathering UK

                              Hey ! I have read the book - Lucifer's Hammer. I think it was written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. It is nice to see that someone has read the classics.