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Anyone load 30-30 Winchester? Gotta try LVR powder!

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  • Anyone load 30-30 Winchester? Gotta try LVR powder!

    While I'm not too serious about hunting with my old 94 I do like keeping it around for a "knock around". Finally getting around to chrono'ing some loads with Hodgons LVR powder I was surprised to see 38 grains with a Remington 150 gr. Core-Lokt bullet doing 2,350 from my Winchesters 20 inch barrel. This is fast for that old rifle for sure. No pressure signs either. Since my 94 isn't scoped, we used a buddy's Marlin just to see what it would do and I'm almost afraid to say since it'll sound like I'm full of it! Anyhow that Marlin placed five shots under an inch at 100 yards, less than half his normal 2" plus groups. Now all I gotta do is gather up three or four pounds of LVR and enough bullets and primers to load and I'll be set. Almost forgot...the velocity we got was with the ammo, the rifle and my rear end at about 30 degrees the other day so velocity drop off in cold weather doesn't seem a concern. (my loads with WW 748 typically lost better than 50 fps below 40 degrees)
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    Re: Anyone load 30-30 Winchester? Gotta try LVR powder!

    I need to look up a pound or so of that.

    I've got a 30-30, but it's a Winchester 788. Bolt action. I usually load it so that it shoots about 2" higher than factory ammo does at 100 yards anyway, so something that performs better than 4064 does in it would not be a bad thing.

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