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Lanolin for case sizing.

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  • Lanolin for case sizing.

    Has anyone tried using the lanolin and alcohol as a case sizing lube? I tried a batch and it works well. Just spray it on and resize. I have then been tossing them in the sonic cleaner after resizing then tossing them in a towel and rub dry. Does anyone have problems with feeding or anything else using this method?
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    Re: Lanolin for case sizing.

    I can't see any reason it wouldn't work. Non-Stick cooking spray works, if you don't have anything else handy. (Ask me how I know that. )

    The primary objective of using a resizing lube is to protect the resizing die, actually, and make it take less effort to get the casings back out of the die. Anything that slicks the casings up a bit is effective, and cleaning after depriming/resizing is what I do to get rid of the case lube.

    The only serious up side to a purpose formulated resizing lube as opposed to anything else is that it's not going to mess with your powder if you leave some inside the casing. An oil based lube residue left inside the casing will not make your shelf-life very promising.

    So be extra fussy about cleaning if you are not using standard resizing lubes. Other than that part, it's all in what you have to hand.

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