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Need load data - WST/45ACP!!

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  • Need load data - WST/45ACP!!

    Posted this in handguns forum, this is probably more appropriate:

    Anyone here have a pet load using Win Super Target with 200 grain jacket/plated in their 45ACP?

    Have a ton of pet loads myself, but nothing for WST and our chrono has lead poisoning right now (waiting for new parts) so I can't work up and don't have time (need to load a gazillion rounds before next Monday).

    Got an 8lb of WST for near nothing so I figured I'd use that for practice loads, need to sim 165PF.
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    sorry... nothing with that powder here.
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      Ive used this load for a 200 gr LSWC...
      WST- 5.1 gr.- about 910 fps
      Should work fine with plated bullets,not sure about jacketed tho.