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  • the right reverend campy has...

    converted the WOLF ammunition!!!

    that's right...the great trail musketeers smallbore squad is now practicing and competing with wolf match target and match gold .22lr ammo.

    when i started training with the team, this fall, they were using federal 722a ammo.

    i asked the coach what he thought of wolf .22. his response was negative...very negative.

    nonetheless, i continued to train with the wolf. i figured, i suck so bad...poor ammo wasn't gonna hurt me!! heheheh!

    over the winter, i've tried ely match, club match, cci standard velocity (blue label), federal 722b, some slow velocity winchester and even some ely match extra.

    but, i kept returning to the wolf.

    the soft recoil made followthru easier, it shot cleaner than any of the other brands and seemed very consistant.

    now...the coach keeps a sharp eye on our targets thru the spotting scope at each session. he's a veteran and former olympic competitor.

    so guess what he did today? he bought enough cases of wolf ammo to carry the team thru the summer and into next fall! i asked him why the change of opinion? he said, "you made a believer out of me!"!!!!!

    i was in shock as he wrote the check out for the ammo and still in shock as 3 of us stacked the cases in the van!

    hmmmm? will this give me the confidence to do better in offhand? stay tuned!

    btw, wolf .22lr uses vihtavouri propellant.

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    I bought my first brick of this stuff just to plink with. I assumed that it would be junk.

    I noticed right off that it didnt seem to have weak rounds mixed in like most cheap ammo does.

    I tried some in my position rifle and it would shoot tiny little groups.

    I weighed 20 rounds of it and they all were within one tenth of a grain of each other.

    The rim thickness only varied about two thousands. CCI Blaser can vary as much as .006.

    I can't find any more locally. I will have to order some more.

    I can weigh CCI Blaser ammo and sort it out for rim thickness and have match ammo that will shoot tiny one hole groups.

    The Wolf will shoot like this and I don't have to spend hours sorting it out. I was paying about $22 a brick for it when I could find it.


    • #3 just got a fresh batch in, last week. $17/brick for the match target.

      i liked the cci blue label (standard velocity) for the $20/500 i was paying...but the wolf has better recoil properties and is just as good on paper.

      eley? good ammunition, but too expensive and the grease attracts dust/dirt and leaves the rifle a mess.

      everyone tells me federal's quality has dropped since the buy out.


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        Them commies owned our butts in smallbore for years so them making quality 22 is not surprising to me.

        displacing ELEY or sniffier levels of FEDERAL GM is though.

        Was not aware they were making rimfire fare. Might snatch a brick and run it through the 1022 for fun.

        Will the WOLF bandwagon ever slow down?

        postban out

        "The path to true firearms knowledge is paved with wasted money"
        copyright postban forever!