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Check 'Display Signatures' in user area.

If you want to see signatures at the bottom of member's posts, check your user area and make sure this box is checked. The default mode is 'Off'.
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Strike Through Text Option now on-line

You may now use the Strike Through option in the post text editor.

There is a square blank button located at the end of the options on the right. I could not get the 'S' to show up, but the button still works.
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Reload your Avatars

If you wish to have your avatar visible again you will have to reload it to the board. The old avatars did not transfer to the new file system.

Stay tuned for more.
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Contributor Status Titles

Gentlemen, Assault Web greatly appreciated your monetary contributions to keep this forum alive and running as we make the transition to a new server and upgraded software.

I have been working to upgrade title for those members who have made a monetary contribution to the form. Unfortunately, I have been met by some resistance to comply by the forum software and I am unable to make these administrative changes.

Your donations have been duly noted and at such time the forum software is upgraded, so will your status.

The Back Room
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TACCOM 4", 7", and 10.5" AR .22LR

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  • TACCOM 4", 7", and 10.5" AR .22LR

    Here are a couple TACCOM .22 LR barrel builds
    4" with TAC65 Suppressor
    Midwest Industries Gen ll T Series (Love these and the Gen ll SS)
    M.I. folding low pro BUIS
    CMMG Stainless BCG with TACCOM collar

    My "Special TACCOM Build
    Can't give details because it will not be available (at least not yet)

    Rain and 30 mph winds today. I won't have a chance to shoot them yet.
    Waiting on a M.I. Gen ll SS 9" for the 7" TACCOM .22 LR barrel.
    When not using a suppressor, I will pair it with a CAR5.5" Flash Hider