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16F Today, So The FEG And I Went To The Range

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  • 16F Today, So The FEG And I Went To The Range

    It was supposed to make it all the way up to almost 20F or so, and I've been wanting to get my ex-Israeli police FEG Hi Power to the range and finish testing it for reliability. When I got this thing last year I found that the trigger pin would walk out - looks like somebody drove the trigger pin out from left-to-right. (How do you say "Bubba" in Hebrew?) It's a tapered pin, and goes in left-to-right and comes out right-to-left. I used the old fix of using a roll pin punch through the hole on one side, and using the "tit" on the end of the punch to locate the punch against the inside edge of the hole on the opposite side. Tap the punch with a hammer while you go around the edge of hole to shrink the hole a little, then repeat on the other side. I needed to see if it fixed it.

    Got to the range, and it was 16F. Considering that this pistol spent its service life riding in a police holster in the eastern mediterranean, I bet if it could talk it was saying "You've gotta be kidding"! Anyway I ran a couple of boxes of 9mm Ball through it, plus some more of my selected carry ammo. The good news is that the pin stayed put and it was 100% reliable with my JHP carry ammo, even with the old fashioned humped feed ramp.

    So I think this is going to be my new carry pistol - it's so thin and carries so well in an IWB holster.

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    Re: 16F Today, So The FEG And I Went To The Range

    I must have missed this thread. I didn't know the Israelis were using the FEG clone. I had an Argentine contract that Krink has now. I liked it a lot but not enough to keep.
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