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Anyone here thoroughly shot/handled, etc - a SCCY CPX - 2?

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  • Anyone here thoroughly shot/handled, etc - a SCCY CPX - 2?

    Just curious your overall thoughts, if you have/know someone who has


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    I could be mistaken, but I thought Jefferson had one of these. Unless it was just a friend's gun that he tried out.
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      Originally posted by Herr Walther View Post
      I could be mistaken, but I thought Jefferson had one of these. Unless it was just a friend's gun that he tried out.
      You are correct. I got one a couple of years ago.

      I put about 250 rounds through it, just to get used to it. They are DAO, and the trigger has a fairly long draw to it. Other than that part, I could find nothing to complain about.

      Mine has gone "bang" first time every time so far. It's small enough to conceal easily. It's not something you are going to want to run boxes of ammo through in one shooting session, because the smaller frame tends to beat your hand up fairly well over the course of two or three mags full, but that's pretty much a characteristic of all the pocket pistol types (for me, anyway.)

      It's decently accurate for a short barreled handgun.

      Best part is that it's dirt cheap. I don't know about long term durability, but it's not something I'm going to put a lot of rounds through anyway, and it does have a lifetime warranty.
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        i was researching them, they have an impressive background and origins. including things like machined (metal) parts, done in-house, 100% parts, labor & even materials to make said parts are US made or sourced. The designer of the Firearm, an Engineer whwhoo originally invented/part of, making heart stints, among a few other things - took over the Company completely, after he felt quality control could be better.

        And Yes, lifetime warranty, for the Firearm, not the owner. Meaning you could be the 20th or more owner, and send it in for repair or full replacement (if deemed necessary by them), no questions asked.

        They insist, it is sold with 2 steel mags, unlike other Co.'s that offer 2 mags, but sta stay silent when dealers remove one and sell it as a separate individual accessory.

        ​​​​​That's pretty awesome, never expected all that. I found a few places, offering them at a hair under $200 w/ free shipping, that's insane. Most big Sources, like Bud's are & have been sold out for sometime.

        It only came in 9mm, until Shot Show they apparently debuted a .380 version.

        I can't wait to order one, looks like it has more to grip, then a Keltec PF9 - which leaves my pinky finger dangling, and the extension pieces for the mag are waaaay overpriced.

        here are the vids i stumbled upon, after my initial inquiry (thanks for the reply, btw! it lines up with what I've been hearing)

        intro with some history:

        look inside thier manufacturing facility:
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          I wonder if they'll make a version with another inch or so if barrel? It would still be very concealable ,as flat Trump's short IMHO;but would be a bit more shootable.
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