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Check 'Display Signatures' in user area.

If you want to see signatures at the bottom of member's posts, check your user area and make sure this box is checked. The default mode is 'Off'.
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Strike Through Text Option now on-line

You may now use the Strike Through option in the post text editor.

There is a square blank button located at the end of the options on the right. I could not get the 'S' to show up, but the button still works.
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Reload your Avatars

If you wish to have your avatar visible again you will have to reload it to the board. The old avatars did not transfer to the new file system.

Stay tuned for more.
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Contributor Status Titles

Gentlemen, Assault Web greatly appreciated your monetary contributions to keep this forum alive and running as we make the transition to a new server and upgraded software.

I have been working to upgrade title for those members who have made a monetary contribution to the form. Unfortunately, I have been met by some resistance to comply by the forum software and I am unable to make these administrative changes.

Your donations have been duly noted and at such time the forum software is upgraded, so will your status.

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need help on reloading 20mm............

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  • need help on reloading 20mm............

    .....any one done this and still got all appendiges ? .......any help .......thanks

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    I have a friend who converted a Soviet PTRD anti-tank rifle to 20mm. I think he occasionally rolls his own. He might have some tips for you. Or you might try There are a few psychos there for whom .50 BMG just isn't big enough.



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      Which 20mm? I've been reloading the 20mmx138B for the Lahti for many years. Takes some expensive tooling but once you're set up it's not much different than any other cartridge. Original cartridges must also be converted from the Berdan to Boxer primers. Easy to do if you have a lathe and related tooling.
      Only press I know of that'll handle the cartridge is the Rock Crusher sold by Dave Cumberland (the Old Western Scrounger). Dies are available from several sources. WC872 powder is plentyful and cheap. 20mm Vulcan bullets can be used in both the US 20mm and the Lahti/Solothurn cartridge and are also available from several sources.
      If it's the Lahti/Solothurn you're interested in, I can give you more details.


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        ..swampfox.........your my hero......yes on the Lahti..........

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          Re: need help on reloading 20mm............

          Does anybody still own and load for a 20mm Lahti?
          I was bored shooting 50 bmg rifles so I bought a 20mm!